Apparently, This Is Like the Zara of France

The problem with shopping the Zara, H&M, and Forever 21's of the world is that things can be very easily identifiable. That being said, if you want to minimize the risk of wearing the same thing as your friends, it pays to look beyond the usual suspects. We are always looking for new affordable destinations to add to our browsing list—from Scandi-born Gina Tricot to New Zealand accessory brand Mars Jewelery—and we have just made a new discovery: Modetrotter. This brand is considered to be the Zara of France, and this week, it launched its English site.

The current collection consists of relaxed, elegant shirting, throw-on dresses, and Instagram-worthy jumpsuits. However, its summer pieces are a lot more colorful than you'd expect from French designs—proving that the "navy, black, and red" stereotype is a myth. You'll find zesty oranges, seafoam greens, and rich purples. The designs are not quite as trendy as our U.S. Zara and are a bit more expensive, but nevertheless, it's fascinating to see how the French do "fast fashion". Keep scrolling for our edit of the best pieces from Modetrotter.

This orange shade always looks expensive.

Add white pumps and you're good to go.

We expect this will be a hit with the Brits.

This would look amazing with white denim.

This could be dressed up for weddings.

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Opening Image: Style du Monde