The Crazy Earrings You've Been Seeing Everywhere Are Made by a New Zealand Brand


(Image credit: Jeryco Store)

If you feel like you’ve been seeing these crazy earrings everywhere lately, it’s probably because you have. All of a sudden, New Zealand-based brand Mars is all over Instagram, and each time we see the brand’s earrings, it stops our scrolling.

Made from resins and clay, Mars’ designs stand out as being quirky but in a way that feels very accessible. Though the earrings are big and loud, the clear resins and natural shapes make the earrings very wearablewhich is always essential.

Created by designer Holly Marbeck, Mars quickly rose to popularity amongst those in the fashion circle. Viva reports that after the jewellery was featured in Grazia UKSolange Knowles discovered them and the rest, as they say, is history. While we’ll be keeping an eye out for more good things to come from Mars, we’ll be shopping the current selection of earrings in the meantime. Keep scrolling to see our favourite styles below.