This Denim Trend Is Dead, According to Miranda Kerr

Whether she’s at the airport or an L.A. party, Miranda Kerr always looks impossibly chic in jeans. So it should come as no surprise that one of our favorite denim brands, Mother, would tap the style star to design her very own collection—it was about time!

When we chatted with Kerr to get the scoop on the collaboration, we quizzed her on everything from her favorite denim trend (embellishments) to her least favorite (low-rise silhouettes). Kerr explained the latter: “It’s a fashion trend I’m trying to forget, and I hear whispers that it’s making a comeback!” she told Who What Wear. 

As for the 12-piece collection, it includes super-cute T-shirts, sweatshirts, and (of course) jeans. The proceeds will be donated to an Australian charity that is especially meaningful for Kerr: The Royal Hospital for Women Foundation, which helps women and newborn babies have access to the best possible treatments and equipment. Stylish pieces for a good cause? You simply can’t go wrong. 

Scroll down to read our interview with Miranda Kerr, and shop her new collaboration with Mother!



On Miranda Kerr: Mother T-Time Crop Shirt ($105) and Funday Flare Jeans ($218). 

WHO WHAT WEAR: Why did you decide to collab with Mother? What specifically do you love about the brand’s jeans?

MIRANDA KERR: I’ve been a fan of Mother for a while and was wearing its jeans almost religiously because of how comfortable and flattering the designs are. I also relate to the design aesthetic and what the brand stands for: having fun and not taking yourself too seriously. The collaboration came about organically—the brand saw I was wearing its jeans a lot, so they approached me to do the collaboration. I have a really creative side and love designing and seeing everything come together, but I mainly embraced the opportunity because of the philanthropy connection. It’s a wonderful way for me to give back to a charity close to my heart.



On Kerr: Mother Joy Denim Shirt ($325) and Easy Does It Jeans ($228). 

WWW: What’s your number one favorite denim trend for spring? Why should women invest in it? 

MK: This spring denim is all about luxe finishes or embellishment, so invest in something with embellishment, like my Joy Denim Shirt that has a butterfly embellished on the back. The butterfly to me has a special meaning and is symbolic of life and new beginnings—it represents change, hope, transformation, creativity, joy, and the wonder of life. I love it when things not only look good, but they also carry a special meaning.

WWW: What’s one denim trend you are not a fan of and why? 

MK: Anything cut low-rise. It’s a fashion trend I’m trying to forget, and I hear whispers that it’s making a comeback! 



On Kerr: Mother Open Your Heart Sweatshirt ($138) and Snap Down Mini Flare Skirt ($198). 

WWW: What’s the best style of jeans for travel and why?

MK: I think it’s less about the style and more about the comfort factor. That’s why I love Mother jeans so much: The denim is super comfortable, and you are equally comfortable in high-waisted skinny jeans as you are in a more relaxed boyfriend style.



On Kerr: Mother Open Your Heart Sweatshirt ($138) and Audrey Jeans ($218). 

WWW: What’s your number one favorite outfit to wear with skinny jeans? Why is it the perfect look? 

MK: I think just teaming skinny jeans with a simple white T-shirt—that way you can dress down your look with trainers or you can dress it up with a pair of heels and a blazer. Both looks are effortlessly chic, and you can’t really go wrong. It’s also a great blank canvas to accessorize to suit your mood or the occasion and individualize your look to showcase your personality.

Which pieces are you dying to own? Tell us in the comments below, and shop Miranda Kerr’s full collaboration with Mother online.

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