Chic New Yorkers Love These 16 Minimalist, Quiet-Luxury Essentials

If there’s one aesthetic that I keep coming back to, it’s quiet luxury. I see it all over Manhattan, and I think it really reflects the effortless sophistication of the city’s stylish residents. So it should be no surprise that I’m living for the new AG collab with the iconic and inimitable Emily Ratajkowski, who’s an expert in the quiet-luxury space. She’s an OG New Yorker known for her classic, elevated sense of style, and that’s exactly what this capsule collection embodies. The pieces are made with an array of luxurious fabrics such as wool twill, vegan leather, buttery-soft jersey, and classic denim. (The Alexxis jeans are so good they actually made me want to wear jeans again.) Keep scrolling to see my favorite pieces from this collection.

Must-Have Denim

Staple Tops

Classic Bottoms

Chic Jackets