I've Always Loved the Minimal '90s Vibe—These 30 Pieces Help Me Get the Look

When it comes to fashion through the decades, I have always been a fan of the '90s. It was all about an emphasis on minimalism and strong silhouettes that make you stand out more than the clothing itself. There was this simple yet sexy sort of vibe and understated chicness that many of us still love to this day. I have gone back and forth with this aesthetic, and while I am a huge fan, I sometimes like to dip my toe into maximalism and super-modern pieces. However, I always come back to the simplicity and effortless cool-girl energy that the It girls from the '90s had. When I think of fashion staples that stand out to me when it comes to the '90s, small black sunglasses, white tank tops, leather jackets, brown leather bombers, trench coats, and loose-fitting denim come to mind. 

While shopping on H&M and Mango, I found so many great items that fit the aesthetic perfectly and didn't break the bank. Keep scrolling to see the 30 pieces that are in my cart right now.

A classic cotton T-shirt is a must-have. It's a great layering piece for fall. 

There's nothing more '90s than mini sunnies. 

This is perfect for layering under a jacket or over a tee or tank. 

Pair with a black turtleneck. 

Every fan of '90s minimalism has at least three of these. 

This kind of gives me a Princess Diana vibe. 

I love jeans that are cropped right at the ankle—perfect for pairing with boots. 

I'd style this mock top with high-waisted trousers and loafers. 

I just got my first puffer vest, and I'm obsessed. 

Huge fan of these baseball jackets. 

Beanie season has arrived. 

This belt is a must-have. 

Leather pants are on my list of go-tos.

This dress is so simple yet classic. 

You'll be wearing these pants all fall and winter.

Pair with baggy jeans, a leather bomber jacket, and leather booties. 

These blazers are always in if you ask me. 

An easy wear-with-anything top.