5 2020 Micro-Trends That Have Officially Blown Up

Despite the fact that there wasn't much opportunity to flaunt all of the coolest trends and latest purchases in 2020 (in social settings at least), there was actually still a lot that happened in the fashion world last year. Yes, house slippers may have trumped heels and tailored suiting was quickly swapped for sweatsuits, but there were a handful of exciting trends that bubbled and for that, we are forever grateful. Those trends we speak of starting to gain traction thanks to the fashion girls on Instagram, but if you ask us, the 15 minutes of fame they got is far from over. 

Ahead, we have identified 5 micro-trends that crept onto the sartorial scene and according to our predictions, they are only about to get bigger. Including tummy ties, strappy sandals with trick toes, and much more, the trends ahead are destined for fame

Tummy Ties

Micro Trends 2021



Ties around your tummy are a trend we've been following for quite some time and according to the S/S 21 runways, the trend is only going to get bigger. From tops to skirts to slinky trousers, this tiny detail has proven it has a lot going for it. 

This might not seem like the most conventional trend, and that's why we like it. This comfortable trend is perfect for lounging in, working out in, and most importantly, creating special outfits. Throw a blazer on top, pair with a chunky boot, and you've got yourself a killer 'fit no one else will have. 

Tricky Toe Shoes

This is a trend I am particularly excited for and I am calling it "tricky toes". Basically, any sandal that looks like it's putting your toes in a compromising situation fits the bill. Be it something like the above or more of a floss situation between your toes sort of vibe, this is one shoe trend we have high hopes for come 2021.  

Checkerboard Prints

Micro Trends 2021



Checkerboard prints are just plain fun. They are an easy way to liven up an outfit without adding too much fuss. Do yourself a favor and start your hunt for the perfect checkerboard piece now so you can get lots of use out of it next year. 

Micro Trends 2021



We've said it once and we'll say it again—second-skin tops are it. They are versatile enough to make for the perfect layering piece but interesting enough to wear on their own. So yes, you should just buy one.

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