20 Sandals That Will Make You Reconsider the Metallic Trend

Metallic tones have never been more wearable than they are now, due largely in part to the newly popular metallic sandals that have begun to take over every fashion girl’s wardrobe. Metallics remind us of a ’70s disco dance party, and for that, we’re certainly not complaining. It’s the retro trend we can seamlessly infuse into nearly every look without feeling as though we’ve stepped into a time machine, inspiring as that might be. Though an eye-catching tone, to be sure, there’s something truly neutral about metallic sandals that makes them so wearable that we can’t think of an outfit that wouldn’t be made better by the addition of a chic pair.

When you’re headed to a party but not totally into heels, flat metallic sandals will be just dressy enough to ensure you’re still cocktail-ready. What’s more is that when you’ve begun to feel as though your jeans-and-T-shirt uniform is practically an extension of your own skin, a pair of metallic kicks will do just the trick to keep it clean, fresh, and interesting. Whether you’re seeking flat skimmers, chunky block heels, or elegant stilettos, consider going metallic this season. It’s the easiest way to elevate your look without a second thought.

It’s never been easier to add some pep to your step: Just go metallic this summer.