Prediction: Meghan Markle Will Wear These 4 Outfits on Her Honeymoon

Meghan Markle royal honeymoon


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Ever since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s fairytale royal wedding, we’ve been keeping a close watch on their upcoming honeymoon, much like the rest of the world. While the royal family hasn’t disclosed where the newlywed couple will be jetting off to, there are some likely predictions about where they will be headed.

Topping the list is somewhere in Africa—after all, the couple already traveled to Botswana for Meghan Markle’s 36th birthday last year and it has been noted that it’s a special place for them. But, as Vanity Fair reported, there are some other probable vacation spots that the couple could be heading to any time now. We can’t wait to see Meghan and Harry enjoying their first getaway as a married couple and are especially anticipating the stylish outfits they’ll be packing for the trip. Ahead are the top four royal honeymoon destinations experts are placing bets on and the outfits we’re predicting Meghan Markle would wear to each.


The place where Prince Harry took Meghan Markle to celebrate her 36th birthday, Botswana has been the top contender for the royal honeymoon, according to speculators.

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Meghan Markle royal honeymoon outfits Zanzibar


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While predictions of a honeymoon in Africa top most lists, some sources believe it may not be a safari. Instead, beach destination Zanzibar could be in the running.


Meghan Markle royal honeymoon outfits Canada


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Vanity Fair reported that the couple may be celebrating at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge in Alberta, Canada.


According to The Cut, the couple may be heading to Ireland for a “mini-moon”.

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