The Skinny Jeans Meghan Markle Wore 7 Times in a Row Just Went Viral

Meghan Markle in New Zealand


Karwai Tang/WireImage

If you're not familiar with Australia-based brand Outland Denim, thanks to Meghan Markle, you're about to be. Markle and Prince Harry's lengthy visits to Australia, Fiji, and New Zealand surely required tons of suitcases for Markle's wardrobe along, but when it came to skinny jeans, it seems that the duchess only required one pair.

Yesterday, Yahoo pointed out that Markle has worn a pair of black skinny jeans by Outland Denim six times in a row—today, though, that increased to seven. Well, as is typical when Markle wears something affordable, the Harriet jeans were completely sold out within 48 hours. Sales quickly increased by a whopping 640%, and website traffic increased by 948% globally, Yahoo reports. The brand is in the process of hiring more employees and taking preorders for April 2019 delivery, due to the demand upon the jeans going viral. Not surprisingly, the two other washes that the jeans come in are also on preorder. (FYI: Outland Denim offers international shipping.)

There are a few reasons Markle probably took such a strong liking to the jeans. She's committed to supporting designers and brands that are native to the areas she visits, the brand employs disadvantaged Cambodian women, the pants go with every shoe style Markle packed (from sneakers to stilettos), and they're stretchy enough to accommodate her baby bump. We can understand the selection.

Keep scrolling to see Outland Denim's documentation of Meghan Markle wearing the jeans, and shop those and a few similar styles (in case you can't wait until April).

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