4 Maximalist Makeup Looks We're Obsessed With—and the Clothes to Wear With Them

I don't believe in New Year's resolutions, but I did set a few goals or challenges for myself in 2019, which I seriously hope will come to fruition. One of which has to do with my makeup aesthetic. I can't help it. I like what I like, and I really like a full-coverage foundation, a bright pop of blush, a dash of liquid eyeliner, and layers of both mascara and highlighter. That's probably why this particular makeup vibe has been my signature since, oh, college. Of course, I'm constantly changing my roster of products to achieve said look, but the results, more or less, are pretty much the same.

I suppose some would consider my makeup approach "maximalist" in that I love full-coverage everything, and I purposely command a heavy hand whenever I'm going to town on my lashes and cheekbones. (I actually wrote all about my go-big-or-go-home routine here.) But I'm far from maximalist in my reach of color and texture. I rarely apply eye shadow, and if I do, it's some variation of nude or gold. I rarely play with texture—be it on my lips or lids. (Typically, I steer clear of anything too matte or, conversely, too shiny.)

Once upon a time, I did play a lot with my lip color, but lately, I've been doing a consistent hard lean into my collection of rosy pink lipsticks and balms. So I'm vowing to be more experimental this year, and obviously, there's no better place to seek endless inspiration than Instagram.

Being a beauty editor and all, I have a special knack for identifying exact or nearly identical product matches, so re-creating a look in my head mid-scroll is a snap. But as far as completing a maximalist makeup look with an equally chic outfit choice? Well, that's where I fall short. To help me out, I sought advice from two fashion experts (aka Who What Wear Editorial Director Kat Collings and managing editor Michelle Scanga) to dress four maximalist makeup looks of my choosing.

Here's the game: I'd take charge of choosing the must-have beauty essentials, and they'd take care of the tops, bras, booties, and everything in between. Curious to see what the three of us came up with? Keep scrolling for four screenshot-worthy maximalist makeup looks and what to wear with each.

Look #1: Glitter-Studded Lids

If you're a beauty fanatic and have yet to discover the Insta grid of Courtney Trop (aka Always Judging), we recommend grabbing a bite, something to drink, and settling in. From horizontally inclined strands to manicures inspired by art, you're sure to stumble upon countless beauty moments you never knew you needed. And while glitter has been having a major moment in the realm of makeup for a while now, we love Trop's slightly off-kilter take: silver and gold on each eye for a chic studded effect we're obsessed with. Keep scrolling for the look's must-have makeup staples selected by yours truly in addition to the ultimate outfit essentials selected by my fabulous boss, Michelle.

We truly appreciate Alice for fearlessly experimenting with every major makeup trend (and color family) we personally feel a tad intimidated by. Alas, she always comes out on top and ends up looking so damn magnetic, we find ourselves in massive Sephora black hole hunting down every last detail of the look. Again, Michelle and I put our beauty and fashion brains together to assemble a look to try for yourself via palettes and clothing pieces.

Look #3: The '60s in Paris

As one of our favorite of-the-moment beauty chameleons, actress Laura Harrier has repeatedly proven how perfectly she can execute virtually any makeup look. When we see an ultra-bold cat eye like this one paired with plush, rose-toned lips, we instantly feel the same warm fuzzies we experience while gazing at Brigitte Bardot circa the 1960s. It's French, iconic, and chic AF. See my fave products for re-creating the look below, and then shop Kat's A+ outfit picks.

Look #4: Canadian Tuxedo Gaze

French/Korean/Russian actress Pom Klementieff is the ultimate muse. Here, celebrity makeup artist Rachel Goodwin worked her iconic magic on the star for a major moment of Dior—a blue look that feels slightly nostalgic of Britney and Justin back in 2001. (Seriously, Brit totally should have worn her makeup like this.) Below, Kat put together a look that's a little less monochromatic to complement the doubled-up hue for your eyes.

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