Sorry, Jeans—I'm Picking My Maxi Skirts, and Here Are 8 Ways I'll Wear Them

When maxi hemlines first started popping up more frequently on the market after success on the runways, I went a little overboard and bought quite a few. As a modest dresser, it's always been difficult to find long skirts that hit the ankle and further, so I took advantage of the surge in the style. Fortunately, it's become clear in the past few months that maxi skirts are here to stick around for a while. Miniskirts may have reigned supreme at one point (and are still floating around), but the longer hemline proves to be the current preference. 

Now that I've added plenty of skirts to my wardrobe, it's time to style them. From '90s-era minimalism to the all-denim looks of the 2000s, there are a plethora of ways you can go about styling the trend. I've already been wearing mine plenty, but I'm always on the lookout for some additional inspiration, so I took to the Instagrams of our favorite fashion folks.

Below, you'll find the key ways the fashion set has been styling their maxi skirts. Prepare to take notes—I certainly did.


Lightweight Knit + Staple Belt + Long, Slit Skirt
(Image credit: @annelauremais)

On those days when the weather can't decide on being hot or cold, this is the perfect outfit. The skirt's slits still bring in some air, and the lightweight sweater will offer just the amount of warmth you need. Add a staple belt and your shoes of choice for the finishing touches.


Leather Blazer + Waist Belt + Black Maxi Skirt
(Image credit: @sylviemus_)

I'm all for an oversize blazer, but this outfit is evidence that they look just as good cinched at the waist. (Don't worry—we're not going back to fitted blazers just yet.) While jeans would make this look more casual, a long maxi skirt completely elevates it. 


Denim Jacket + Denim Skirt
(Image credit: @thatgirlyusra)

When in doubt, double-denim can do you no wrong, especially when it's a top trend in 2023. All you have left to decide for yourself is accessories.


Basic Top + Leather Maxi Skirt + Colorful Tights
(Image credit: @aniyahmorinia)

I bought a leather maxi skirt months ago that I've been constantly debating on how to style, but after coming across this look, now I know. I was overthinking it because this outfit is simple yet still stylish. The highlight is the pop of color that contrasts against the black maxi.


Bomber Jacket + Knit Top + Cargo Skirt
(Image credit: @oumaymaboumeshouli)

Cargo skirts can be intimidating to style (I've always been afraid I can't pull it off), but this outfit has me ready to take the plunge. The bomber jacket coordinates well with the casual element of the cargo skirt.


Striped Poplin Shirt + Fitted Maxi Skirt + Comfy Sneakers
(Image credit: @nlmarilyn)

I'll be copying and pasting this outfit to wear to work. The poplin shirt and fit of the skirt make it look professional, but the retro-inspired sneakers pull the outfit together to be more fashion friendly.


Bomber Jacket + Maxi Skirt + Tights + Slingback Heels
(Image credit: @elizagracehuber)

Another bomber-jacket look? Clearly, maxi skirts pair well with them. This time, it's a more dressed-up approach with a column skirt and slingback heels. It's an A+ from me both ways.


Distressed Leather Jacket + Basic Tee + Denim Maxi Skirt
(Image credit: @anna_laplaca)

Why should denim maxi skirts only be in classic blue? I've spotted a few cream options on the market already, and this outfit proves flawlessly that it's something that belongs in your everyday wardrobe.

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