8 Must-Have Matching Sets

Out with the old, in with the new—or, as we like to say, out with the sundress, in with the matching set. Our love for a really stylish matchy-matchy moment is well-documented, and we’re especially sticking to our guns this summer.

Not only are matching sets a breezier, oft times more comfortable alternative to a classic floral sundress—they’re also a smidge more modern and of-the-moment. They’re appropriate for casual, day-to-day wear (perfect for a weekend brunch, for example)—but can also be dressed up for a girls’ night out with a statement necklace or a really great high heel

Read on for 8 super-stylish sets you can shop right now! 

Warehouse Scratchy Print Top and Skirt ($106)

The texture of this pink set tones down the girlishness perfectly.

Reformation Clinton Two-Piece Plaid Set ($198)

This is like the modern version of Cher’s daily schoolgirl outfit in Clueless—and yes, that’s a good thing.

Zara Printed Blazer and Shorts ($150)

When it comes to wearing flowers, the bigger the better is our motto.

ASOS Embellished Floral Print Jacket and Shorts ($191)

Case in point why a good floral matching set is preferable to a classic floral dress.

Pixie Market Anouk Florette Set ($76)

Because showing just a little bit of midriff is far better than showing too much.

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