Meet Marley Parker, the DJ and Model With Inimitable Style

In the Instagram age, we can't help but wonder, is personal style dead? It’s remarkably easy to get caught in a closed digital loop where everyone we see through our feeds seems to be wearing the same few recognizable brands. But take one look at Marley Parker and you'll quickly understand why we believe personal style—truly unique personal style—is still out there and thriving. The 18-year-old is a born-and-raised New Yorker to whom the cliché term "young creative" greatly applies. She effortlessly balances a modeling career and DJ sets under the name DJ She Marley Marl.

Her style is as multifaceted as her interests, at one moment channeling a very 1970s disco-themed look (patent red halter jumpsuit, platform boots, large hoop earrings) and in another a bright windbreaker and dad sneakers that give off a sportier feel. She also has a knack for novel approaches to some of the biggest trends. Take her approach to jewelry: Have you ever seen anyone wear large hoop earrings like this? It's these aspects of her personal style that make every Instagram post a veritable thumb-stopper.

We caught up with Parker to talk about not just her unique approach to fashion but also what inspires her musically and her journey to self-love. The last of which she readily shares the advice we could all use: "Self-love takes time. Being young and truly loving yourself is harder because you're still understanding who you are." Ahead, read our Q&A with this Gen Z talent.

See Parker show off three bold beauty looks from her shoot for Byrdie.

Stylist: Christine Nicholson
Hairstylist: Jeanie Syfu
Makeup Artist: Alana Wright
Manicurist: Gracie J.