I See This £290 It Bag on Girls Every Weekend in London

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I can remember when it got to the point where you couldn't move for copies of Marc Jacobs' Stam bag—walking through a London market without bumping into 101 "homages" proved impossible. It was one of the key It bags of the mid-noughties and coaxed into retirement over five years ago; in 2017, however, it looks like another smash hit is in the cards. Instead of a hard-and-fast rise to notoriety, MJ's Snapshot bag has been quietly and steadily garnering a major following since it was introduced a few seasons back.

Although it was initially a retail success after some high-profile sightings on the likes of Bella Hadid & co., it's over the past few months that this little crossbody handbag is now everywhere to be seen on the streets of London, and I see it most commonly on my weekend travels through the city. And it turns out my hunch can be backed up by data. Lyst, the global fashion search engine, informs me that searches have spiked by 200% over the past six months, and one is looked at every three minutes on average.


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The Snapshot (if you don't know it/own it/want it already) is a small rectangular in shape to echo the silhouette of a camera bag (get it? snapshot?) and comes with metal-work detailing on the front and commonly now with interchangeable or statement straps. 

From bloggers to rising stars to full-fledged A-listers, the wallet-friendly creation from New York's lauded designer appears to suit countless types of girls and budgets. A value that is only supported by the many iterations this fashion brand now offers in its signature style (FYI: You'll find the best edit on MyTheresa and Farfetch) from classic dressers like Meghan Markle to more adventurous ladies like the musician Raye (above), there's a Snapshot for all.


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What might be one of the other features behind the Snapshot's current status is likely to be the friendly price point. In comparison to many other trending designer handbags, and with the amount of design bang you get for your buck, it's no great surprise that when they're starting at £290, these are flying off the shelves.

Go ahead, and shop our favourite Marc Jacobs Snapshot bags below.

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