I Want to Look Glowy and More Youthful, so I Got Tips From Celeb Makeup Artists


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Do you ever scroll through Instagram and get distracted by someone's perfectly glowing skin? It happens to me more often than I’d like to admit, especially in the summer when the temperatures are on the rise. What can I say? I’m a sucker for some dew. You would think that I’d feel differently this year given that I’ve been spending the majority of my time at home, but darn it, just because all my trips have been canceled doesn’t mean I’m going to allow my glow to be, too. So, I turned to celebrity makeup artist Mai Quynh and Urban Decay's global makeup artist, Steve Kassajikian, to share their best tips for achieving a next-level youthful glow for summer and beyond. You're welcome.

1. Skincare Before Anything


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Makeup is magical, but a youthful glow always starts with your skin. Quynh is all about using sculpting devices and applying sheet masks to her clients before a red carpet or shoot. "It really lifts the face and locks in any extra moisture before applying makeup." She also tells her clients to exfoliate their skin at least twice a week because dry patches will only be accentuated under makeup.

The same is true for puffy eyes, so Kassajikian suggests keeping your eye cream in the fridge so that it smooths and depuffs the under-eye area in one go.

2. Layer Your Skincare


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I fully support multistep skincare routines but usually keep my daytime products to a minimum and use more at night. I'm starting to think that needs to change. "When you start with an essence and then layer on serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen, your skin will definitely absorb the hydration and exude a radiant glow,” explains Quynh. Now this is something I can totally get behind.

But if you don't have a lot of time to spare in the morning, opt for one product instead. Kassajikian swears byUrban Decay's tried-and-true favorite, Drop Shot Oil. "It gives skin a hydrated, glossy finish," he says.

3. Skip the Powder Formulas


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When it comes to the formulas, liquid ones are going to look more fresh and dewy, giving the illusion of more youthful skin. "Powders can look really dry and enhance fine lines and pores, which ages skin's appearance," explains Kassajikian. "I tend to only use powder in strategic areas to set makeup, like the under-eye area, forehead, and chin rather than all over the face."

On occasion, Quynh will use powders, especially if someone needs more coverage and layering of products but generally only works with creams and liquids. "They're more forgiving, especially if you're looking for glowy, dewy skin."

4. Use Weightless Foundations


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You don't want to pick just any liquid formula: You want to find one that's weightless and breathable. "I'm obsessed with the Stay Naked foundation. It gives a real-skin finish and makes your complexion look natural and youthful," explains Kassajikian.

Quynh's latest obsession is the Armani Beauty Neo Nude Foundation. "It's super lightweight— think of it as a step up to a tinted moisturizer—and has skincare like hyaluronic acid and glycerin-infused benefits. It's also made up of 50% water, so it feels like you're wearing nothing."

5. Pick Application Tools Wisely


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As for applying makeup, Kassajikian recommends using a wet sponge and squeezing out excess water. "Spritz a setting spray onto the sponge before application to ensure long wear," he says.

Quynh likes using a variety of tools. "I usually use a brush all over the face and down the neck and use my fingers or a damp sponge to blend around the hairline and jaw. To highlight skin, I use a brush or my fingers," explains Quynh.

6. Brighten Up the Eyes


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Heavy eye shadows and dark eyeliners don't mix well with the summer heat, so it's best to avoid them altogether. Instead, Quynh says to add a wash of bright fruit tones, like peach, ruby grapefruit, or persimmon to the lid or in the crease. And definitely use a shimmery highlighter in the inner eye.

Kassajikian agrees that highlighting the inner corner of the eye and brow bone is a must. He also swears by applying a nude liner to the waterline to really brighten things up.

7. Keep Lips Soft


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As we age, we lose fullness and shape in our lips. That's why Quynh says it's important to use a lip pencil to help create the perfect shape and keep your color on longer. "Avoid dark colors with matte, drying formulas and opt for creamy, satin finishes in neutral pinks, nudes, and flesh tones or even in bright pops of color, like fuchsia or red," she tells me.

Kassajikian is on the same page, saying to avoid plums or shades with blue undertones. "Stick to softer shades like rose, coral, and berry," he says.

8. Don't Neglect the Rest of Your Skin


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When I think of glowy skin, I think of my complexion and that's basically it. But of course, I want the rest of my skin to look luminous, too—even if I am at home! "I like to mix the Naked Illuminated Face and Body Shimmering Powder with a body lotion or balm. It gives the body a silky glow finish," explains Kassajikian.

Quynh says she usually sticks to lotion and will sometimes add some body shimmer.

Next up, I'm 35 and still get carded (sometimes)—here's my exact beauty routine.

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