26 Fun Things I'm Buying to Make It Feel Like I'm on Vacation

To all the haters saying, "This summer is a wash," I say, have a little imagination! Sure, summer 2020 is looking a little different than we thought it would at the start of the year, but just because travel plans may be dashed and access to a beach or pool limited doesn't mean that summer is officially canceled. Or at least, I'm trying to convince myself that it's not. In my neck of the woods, it sure feels like summer and a big part of celebrating my favorite season is through what I wear. Hey, I'm a fashion editor, after all.

So although my dreamy Italian getaway may no longer a thing, I'm putting all my energy into dressing as if it still were happening. A wise person once said that thoughts become things, so with that in mind, I've created an epic summer vacation wish list to help me manifest a vacation state of mind without even leaving my apartment. It includes everything from floaty dresses and pretty tops to swimsuit coverups and easy sandals that, under different circumstances, I would be packing into a suitcase right about now.

Life is really what you make of it, so continue on to peruse the 26 glorious items I'll gladly wear at home (and save for a future vacation one day).

This casual dress trend is the kind that's easily dressed up or down.

The official start of summer is getting closer. Do you have your anklet?

This sorbet hue makes me unquestionably happy.

The easiest way to add color to your look.

The ideal update to my plain white tees.

Gotta have a pair of easy denim shorts on lock. These fall at my ideal length—not too short but also not awkwardly long either.

I'm not normally a flip-flops person, but this affordable pair is calling my name.

I'd wear this with the above orange two-piece set to let everyone know just how "extra" I am.

Anyone else in need of a swimsuit that's trendy, but not too trendy? This is the answer.

Ankle-wrap sandals have officially won me over.

These crisscross straps feel so current.

I'm always in need of a fun piece to wear with all my basic tops, and I think I just found the one.

Plus, the skirt makes for a cool swimsuit coverup.

I'm buying this to make my picnics and market runs feel more vacation-worthy.

A basic that's just *chef's kiss.*

To stack up with all my gold necklaces.

You thought you'd get out of here without seeing another pretty sundress? Nope.

This is exactly how I want to wear pearls from now on.

Take a look at the back of this dress if you know what's good for you.

This proves my theory that crochet makes everything more summery.