I've Probably Refreshed the Page for This Madewell Item 50 Times

So it's mid-May, I've moved on from spring, and I'm officially in full-on summer shopping mode. Five days ago, while perusing Madewell's latest batch of new arrivals (of which there is so much good stuff), I spotted a new ruffle-adorned denim jumpsuit with a waiting list that was available for purchase with a ship date later this month. I'm always hesitant to buy pieces that are on a waiting list (because the keyword here is "wait"), but I decided it was cute enough to be worth it. I went back the next day to buy it in my size and it was sold out, along with basically every other size. Madewell had already labeled it as a best-selling item before it was even available, so I guess I wasn't alone in my admiration of the jumpsuit.

So what's so great about it? It's stretchy (comfort!), flattering (thanks to the cropped-flare silhouette), and it's the perfect canvas for basically every tee, accessory, and pair of shoes I plan on wearing this summer. Since then, I've refreshed the item's page more times than I can count in hopes that Madewell will add more stock or someone will cancel their order (hey, it happens!), and no such luck. But don't worry, as I don't give up easily.

Check out the ultra-popular jumpsuit below and shop other Madewell new arrivals I'm stalking.