I Love a Good Stocking Stuffer—30 Luxe Buys That Will Make a Big Impact

One of my favorite family traditions occurs on the night before Christmas. My brothers and I gather around as my mother allows us to peek into our stockings to hold us over until Christmas morning. The excitement a good stocking stuffer holds is pretty much next-level. While the biggest and most luxurious gifts are typically opened separately, a small stocking stuffer can really gather just as much excitement. There's a reason they say that it's sometimes the little things that make the biggest impact. 

One thing that I love about stocking stuffers is that they're filled with surprises. Sneaking in a luxury item is always a good idea because your loved one will never see it coming. A statement piece of jewelry from Gucci or a luxurious upgrade to their alarm clock will definitely leave them quite surprised. Below, find 30 items that will take your stockings to the next level this year.

Everyone is always forgetting to buy a new wallet. A gift like this will resolve that issue for the recipient.

I've heard so many rave reviews of this lipstick.

Prep them for a New Year's Eve wardrobe like no other.

The perfect way to let someone know you're going on vacation is by gifting them with a designer passport holder. 

Just a sprinkle of diamonds and pearls.

Especially with daylight savings, a manufactured sunrise is required.

My favorite hand balm always needs a refill.

It's time to upgrade your loved one's old AirPods to the Pros.

I'd never get bored of looking at this.

A bag that fits into a stocking is my kind of bag.

Putting on a cashmere beanie is the best feeling.

Linda Farrow sunglasses are a must for me.

Gifting this on a holiday means that your family gets to give each other facials later.

Finish off your favorite blazer with earrings like this, and you're sure to win best dressed.

If you can squeeze this scarf into a stocking, do it.