15 Luxe Loungewear Pieces I'm Ditching My Sweatpants For

The Best 15 Luxury Loungewear Pieces



Look good, feel good… right? Well, I started last week with the intention of getting dressed up in the mornings as if I were going into the office, but by day two, I knew that there was absolutely no way this could last. I gave it a shot, but my heart truly lies in staying comfortable. With that being said, my old sweats and baggy tees just weren't making me feel like the fashionable Who What Wear editor I am, so I did a little research to find comfy clothes that would actually make me look and feel chic while at home.

That's when I found Lunya, the loungewear brand that makes extremely stylish clothes for staying inside (aka the holy grail), and now I constantly see my Instagram feed full of cool girls wearing the label—and for good reason. Its collection of robes, nightgowns, sets, and more is so luxurious and elevated, I had to actually restrain myself from adding everything to my cart. (Especially the washable silk collection, which would let me ditch the dry cleaner and wash my silks myself—a true miracle!) Keep scrolling for all of the pretty pieces to make you feel good in bed and beyond.

Shop the Washable Silk collection:

The color, the front pocket, the fabric, the fact that it's so oversized—I will be living in this.

This makes me immediately want to draw myself a bath and order macarons from my favorite bakery.

I can already see myself trying to leave the house in this with a pair of strappy sandals.

I've never wanted to sleep in a jumpsuit more.

A good silky tank-and-shorts set is always a must.

Okay, don't knock a sleep mask until you try it. Not only does it completely block out the light while you sleep (I'm all about a good night's rest), but this mask is also made out of moisturizing silk, so it's actually a beauty treatment while you rest.

This set just makes me so excited for bedtime.

Shop more Lunya favorites:

Just an easy tank to throw on whether you're lounging about or heading out.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more obsessed with a romper. I’m getting matching ones for my roommate and me to wear for after-work drinks on the couch.

My search for a new pair of biker shorts is officially over. 

I don't have air conditioning in my apartment, so this bralette is about to be my go-to.

Along with these breezy shorts. 

Pair these with sneakers or just some fuzzy socks—you really can’t go wrong.

Can you ever have too many leggings? (The answer is no.)