The Top 10 Comfortable Bras of Quarantine

I have to come clean about something. I constantly rely on online reviews for my Who What Wear stories, but I very rarely ever write one myself on retailers' websites. Perhaps I prefer to keep hidden gems a bit of a secret? Maybe since I write about clothes for a living, I don't want to write when I'm off-duty? Whatever the reason is, it truly takes a lot for me to commit to writing reviews, which is why I'm particularly thankful when other people do it for me. 

I'm especially impressed when people write lengthy, descriptive reviews. For instance, this was one of my favorite reviews I came across while compiling this story on comfortable bras: "I feel like I’ve tried so many bralettes and non-wire bras and this one is just my absolute favorite. Its minimal coverage is enough to not peek out of my v-neck shirts; love that. It’s soooo comfortable. I had surgery earlier this year and honestly just had the black one on for like three days straight—didn’t take it off at night." Convincing, right? Scroll down to shop well-reviewed, comfortable bras. 

10. Wacoal Awareness Underwire Bra

Review highlight: "I’ve been wearing this bra style for 7+ years. Extremely well made, great support, gives breasts a nice shape, super comfortable, wears very well. And did I mention it provides great support?! I’ve worn it in everything from 36F-40H (depending on my weight) and I love it no matter what size I am!!"

9. Natori Feathers Underwire Contour Bra

Review highlight: "A great t-shirt bra. The lace doesn’t show through at all. I am an34D and it fits perfectly especially if you are a little fuller at the sides. Comfortable and soft. Great cleavage giver as well!"

8. Natori Yogi Convertible Sports Bra

Review highlight: "This bra is so comfortable. It supports without smashing down your breast. You can jump, dance, and workout without pain."

7. Wacoal B Smooth Seamless Bralette

Review highlight: "These bras are so so so comfortable! Just got them in 3 different colors and will get more. Such great support you can wear anytime. I showed my daughter and she loved them too so I just ordered her 3 too!"

6. Keagan Seamless Crop Camilette

Review highlight: "The crop is a good fit and the support is light but perfect for lounging!"

5. True & Co. True Body Scoop Neck Bralette

Review highlight: "I came home and wore it—it’s amazingly soft!!! You don’t feel like you’re wearing a bra! I love it and am so happy that I finally bought it."

4. Commando Butter Bralette

Review highlight: "Omg this sure is soft! Butter is right! So, so comfortable! Perfect for around the house or sleeping."

3. Spanx Bra-Llelujah! Unlined Bralette

Review highlight: "This is the most comfortable bra I’ve ever purchased. It provides good support without the underwire. Love it!"


2. Madewell Cotton & Modal Bralette

Review highlight: "I feel like I’ve tried so many bralettes and non-wire bras and this one is just my absolute favorite. Its minimal coverage is enough to not peek out of my v-neck shirts; love that. It’s soooo comfortable. I had surgery earlier this year and honestly just had the black one on for like three days straight—didn’t take it off at night."

1. Wacoal How Perfect No-Wire Contour Bra

Review highlight: "I’ve been looking for a wireless bra forever. I wanted one that is comfortable yet still supportive. This checks all the boxes. The material is so soft and gives just enough lift."

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Review highlight: "I have been searching for the right bra for months. (Order, try on, return, repeat...) This one fits me perfectly. And it is comfortable. And supportive. I don't have huge boobs, but I'm 60 and support is important."

Review highlight: "I made a life choice to not wear bras because personally I think they’re uncomfortable and I don’t understand why I should have to wear a bra for other people to not feel uncomfortable. One thing I did stop because of this life choice was wearing white tees simply because everything would be visible. I bought this bra and wow my ribs don’t feel uncomfortable, my boobs are not falling out from the sides or the front, and the straps don’t feel uncomfortable on my shoulders. Loveeee this product!"

Review highlight: "Love this sports bra. Ordered white fits perfectly very soft with extra pads inside so you don’t need any extra support."

Review highlight: "This bralette/sports bra is very comfortable. I wear a 38C bra so ordered the XL for extra comfort. It laundered well and it was on sale, so I bought three. I recommend this item without reservation."

Review highlight: "The best bra in the world. I am totally serious. Love the fit, love that you font feel squeezed into it. Love the look. Love how it looks under all tops. Seamless truly. Quality is superb. Fits true to size. But I do have room which I love."

Review highlight: "Really love this bra. Especially nice during hot weather. Perfect coverage and weight. No underwire but still fairly good support for around the house."

Review highlight: "This is the most comfortable bra I own. I was hesitant about the price, but I wore it for an entire day, and even fell asleep for a little while with it on. Usually, I want to take my bra off at the end of the day, but this one is so comfortable that I forgot I had it on. It also gives me a nice shape-I am relatively small chested so I love that! I might actually buy another one! Treat yourself to this one."

Review highlight: "I am a 34DD and just wanted a plain bralette for underneath tops and this one really gets the job done! I wear it all the time! It supports, covers my boobs entirely, and just is cozy."

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Review highlight: "I needed a long line sports bra with just a little support for walking/barre. I have large breasts and some extra back fat that I’m not loving right now. This bra is SO comfortable and gives just the perfect amount of support. Again, this is a medium support bra. I actually wore it as a top under an open sweater the other day because I love the color and fit. Definitely hopeful that more colors are added!"

Review highlight: "If you are large-chested and struggle finding workout bras that support you and are comfortable, look no further. I have 7 of these now. Game-changer."

Review highlight: "Amazing bra and sweatproof! Love this set for spin classes and have been complimented many times. This fits like a glove."

Review highlight: "After wearing this sports bra through some work out routines I am glad that I purchased this. It is very comfortable and gives my girls the support they need. Plus it holds up pretty good through a wash cycle and retains its original shape."

Review highlight: "I have a large chest and I love this sports bra. I played tennis and cycling comfortably. If I moved on the court more, I may need additional support. I loved it so much that I ordered a second one."