6 Easy Spring Trends That Are Flooding the Streets of London

After we saw the street style situation at New York Fashion Week, one thing was abundantly clear: Street style is back. And we couldn't be happier about it. After New York comes London, and the showgoers at London Fashion Week have clearly been studying the spring trends.

It was still a bit chilly in London, but people were creative about working spring trends into their look, mostly via color and accessories. Typically, you see a lot of trench coats, suiting, and midi dresses with boots on the streets of LFW. There was certainly plenty of that, and it's still as chic as ever, but we also spotted plenty of fresh trends that you don't see every season.

We invite you to keep scrolling to peruse some of the best looks at London Fashion Week and shop the new spring trends that made them excel.

The Trend: Oversize Bomber Jackets

As you may have heard, bomber jackets have returned after a long hiatus, but this time, they're much more oversize and often in bright colors. 

The Trend: Orange

Color trends for a new season usually pop up first, so it's not surprising that one of the biggest ones for spring was everywhere in London—orange. This cheerful, bold hue that was once reserved for summer has proven its ability to work year-round.

The Trend: Motorcycle Bags

Thanks to Balenciaga, who brought back its Moto Bag and renamed it the City Bag, moto-inspired bags are getting more popular by the day. This was very apparent at LFW.

The Trend: Cargo Pants

In case you're looking for things to wear instead of basic straight-leg jeans this spring, we encourage you to get a pair of cargo pants, as the buzz around them is growing. More and more brands are whipping up their own takes on the trend.

The Trend: Roomy Leather Jackets

Leather blazers are still certainly a thing, but the latest leather-jacket trend is roomier and a little more relaxed styles, whether in the form of a shirt-jacket, a bomber jacket, or an oversize moto jacket.

The Trend: Sporty Sunglasses

If it feels like sunglass trends are constantly changing, you're not wrong. And oftentimes, they're even polarizing. Take, for example, the current buzzy trend. You probably wouldn't have dreamed of wearing sporty sunglasses five years ago, but here we are.