2019 Lingerie Trends That Aren't Worth the Money (Plus Those That Are)

Top Lingerie Trends of 2019


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Shopping for lingerie is a special experience where you can truly connect with yourself and zero in on what makes you feel confident and incredible. It’s often your preference that outweighs the desire to “wear what everyone else is wearing.” That said, trends do emerge in the bra and underwear universe to help inform even those personal purchases. Thinking ahead to 2019, it’s clear that there’s one common thread throughout all the upcoming coveted styles: the desire for comfort.

“For 2019, expect to see women of all ages, especially millennials, increasingly embrace the desire of comfort.” There you go. You heard it here first from Chantell Fenton and Jo Lynch in the intimates department at trend forecasting company WSGN, aka the experts of what’s next in the lingerie space. The duo filled us in on the specific styles worth testing out, along with those trends that are on their way out, and ultimately not worth the money if you’re looking to put comfort first next year.

The time is now to refresh your top drawer, so keep scrolling to check out what lingerie trends are in and out. Plus, scope some visual inspiration and shop new must-haves to start fresh in 2019.

Worth It: Soft-Cup Bralettes

"Push-up bras will continue to plateau into 2019. The rejection of discomfort means steel underwires will increasingly be seen as archaic, replaced by modern technologies such as 3D wires that follow the natural curve of the body providing a more comfortable fit.  Customers will also gravitate toward soft wireless bras reflecting the modern mood of self-care, comfort, and liberation." — Chantell Fenton, Senior Intimates & Swimwear Editor at WSGN

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Worth It: High-Leg, Clean-Edge Underwear

"In line with the theme of comfort in intimates, fussy briefs are being replaced with more clean-edge styles designed for everyday wear. High-leg cuts, inspired by '80s silhouettes, stay popular but look less dramatic and are more wearable in soft stretch jerseys and smooth modals. Brazilian and cheeky back briefs are also key." — Jo Lynch, Lingerie Editor at WSGN 

Worth It: Wireless and Sports Bras

"Expect a more casual approach to sexiness emerge as soft-cup and jersey bralettes continue to uptrend. Seamless and activewear alternatives are also in high demand as the sports bra is increasingly worn outside of the gym.” — Chantell Fenton, Senior Intimates & Swimwear Editor at WSGN