I Wore Fancy Lingerie for a Week—Here's How It Impacted My Confidence



I’ve always been one of those women who loves lingerie. Even when I was younger, my mom would take me with her to shop at department stores and I would always immediately run to the store’s  lingerie section. I was mesmerized. Everything was so delicate. All of the lace and satin, it was like I had walked into the underwear closet of a princess. To me lingerie was a symbol of what it meant to not only be a grown woman but to be luxurious. I thought to myself “who would want to wear regular cotton underwear after seeing all of this?!” 

Lingerie is not just pretty to look at, but there's something about the way it makes you feel. The idea, obviously, is to make you feel sexy. But there's more to it than just that. There’s a certain confidence that you get when you up your lingerie game, and I would know - for a week straight I wore fancy lingerie from one of my favorite lingerie brands Fleur Du Mal to see if had an impact on my self confidence or if this was all just a bunch of talk to try and get women to buy more lingerie. I must say, I noticed a difference before the week was up, and after the full seven days - I was definitely feeling myself.  

If you ask me, lingerie is not just about something to put on for someone else’s viewing pleasure. It’s about doing something for yourself that sparks self confidence, that makes you feel good, that’s a little bit of luxury you can incorporate into your everyday wardrobe. I spoke with Fleur Du Mal’s CEO and founder, Jennifer Zuccarini, about what inspires her when she’s designing lingerie and who she makes her pieces for and her answer touches on this idea exactly. "I’m inspired by the emotional aspect of lingerie; my goal is to create things that make women of all ages and sizes feel their best while getting dressed and undressed. If a woman feels powerful and seductive in her undergarments, it can transform the way she moves through the world, giving her more confidence. I like to think about how Fleur makes a woman feel, even if no one sees what she has on.” Said Zuccarini. She continues,  "Fleur Du Mal is inspired by women who are powerful, chic, and celebrate their femininity and sexuality." 

Zuccarini was right, you move about the world in a different way when you feel confident. It’s a life long journey for all of us, finding confidence. But while we’re on this self-love journey it’s helpful to find small things that can push us a little closer to the finish line, even if it is your undies

Keep scrolling to see which lingerie pieces I wore along with so many other lingerie picks that I’m absolutely drooling over. 


This one was one of my favorites to wear. It's a quiter lingere piece with not as many bells and whistles as some of the others on this list but the satin fabric and the fit make this one feel so luxe. 10/10 from me. 

I currently have this in my lingerie collection and I must admit, I'm fully obsessed. 

When it comes to affordable yet beautiful lingerie I always think of Bluebella. 

These are more comfortable than you think. 

This bodysuit is so good you can wear it with a jacket and denim or leather pants out. 

This one I absoletly loved. It totally works as an every day bra but still has the perfect amount of sexiness. J'adore. 

Hanky Panky is a brand I swear by, trust me you wont be disappointed. 

The best underwear out there. I'll say it. 

I just got my first set of Dora Larsen bra and underwear and let me tell you, they're next level good. 

I'm a huge Journelle fan, this set has me obsessed. 

A classic lacey bra from Fleur. If you we're to ask me what I picture in my head when I think of a classic lingerie piece, I would say something like this. 

You can stye these with any black bra from Fleur and it looks amazing. 

A bra with a luxury feel but an under $100 price tag. 

When you think about luxury lingerie there's no way to ignore La Perla. 

Style with the matching top above. 

I have a feeling I'm going to love these.