It's True—This Is the Reigning Champion of Summer Denim Trends

Sure, there are tons of relevant and fun summer denim trends out there right now, but if there is one that has always just made sense and felt more natural than all the rest, it is light-wash jeans. It's common for us to gravitate toward darker colors in the colder months and lighter colors in the warmer months, hence the ever-growing popularity of light-wash jeans as an official summertime staple. After thinking back on all the summer denim trends that could have been deemed the reigning champions, there was honestly no real competition for the classic light-wash look. 

Regardless of how we will or will not be spending our summer this year, we are sticking by our philosophy that investing in timeless wardrobe basics is pretty much always a good idea, which is why we shopped out all the best pairs of light-wash jeans on the market right now. Additionally, we treated you to some fun summer styling ideas to go along with all the new denim you're about to treat yourself to. Because I don't know about you, but I'm feeling like it's time for a little shopping therapy. 

The most fun way to style your blazers in the summer is with a bra top and light-wash jeans. The look strikes the perfect balance between modest and revealing.

Speaking of revealing, this denim trend is the perfect canvas for all of those back-baring tops you've been itching to pull out. 

Find yourself constantly living in T-shirts and jeans? Then why change? With lighter jeans, this look is made perfect for summer and beyond. 

Loose jeans and a striking top are all you need to achieve peak summer style. A large sun hat and gold jewelry won't hurt either. 

Leave it to the French to make all the simplest items look completely next-level. I don't know about you, but I am completely adopting this outfit as my new go-to this season. 

And in case you weren't convinced, here's even further proof that this ensemble is crush-worthy. 

Since this summer won't be looking the same as summers passed, use this photo as inspiration to get dressed up for yourself at home every now and again. I promise you won't regret it. 

Dress up your bikini with light-wash jeans and a loose button-down. This is the perfect casual way to style any of your swimsuits. 

These jeans are maybe my favorite pair in the bunch. Paired with a statement crop top and '90s thong sandals, you're bound to get compliments for days.

I love this bedroom bikini look. Whoever said swimsuits were just for the great outdoors was highly mistaken. 

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