Lena Dunham Is Following in Gwyneth Paltrow's Footsteps

Of all the causes for Lena Dunham to take up, her most recent one is slightly unexpected. Known for promoting body positivity and acceptance of all shapes and sizes, the director and actress posted a photo of herself at the gym on Instagram this weekend encouraging others to work out for the sake of their mental health rather than the size of their thighs. The long caption read:

Promised myself I would not let exercise be the first thing to go by the wayside when I got busy with Girls Season 5 and here is why: it has helped with my anxiety in ways I never dreamed possible. To those struggling with anxiety, OCD, depression: I know it's mad annoying when people tell you to exercise, and it took me about 16 medicated years to listen. I'm glad I did. It ain't about the arse, it's about the brain. Thank you@tracyandersonmethod for showing me the light (and@bandierfit is where I bought my Florida mum inspired workout look.) #notsponsored #stillmedicated

It's an admirable message and one that nicely reframes exercise as being more about your brain than your body. The Tracy Anderson Method, which counts Gwyneth Paltrow as it's number one fan, is known for whittling models and actresses into their skinniest selves, so this perspective is certainly refreshing. ?We commend Dunham for taking up the healthy habit of exercise and sharing her experience with her many fans in a way that is grounded in empowerment rather than shame.

Scroll down to see the photo, and shop some of our favourite workout wear while you're at it.

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Jessica Schiffer
Contributing Editor
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