Lauren Conrad on the Best Outfit to Make Airport Security a Breeze

I have a love/hate relationship with the airport. Traveling is fun and exciting, and you can’t do that without the airport. But the process of going through airport security is anything but fun and exciting. Luckily, as a frequent flier, I’ve come up with a few tricks to make getting through airport security lines a little less painful. And believe it or not, so much of it has to do with what you wear. It can be hard to strike the balance between chic, comfortable, and TSA-friendly, but I have it down to a science. Between jetting off to monthly design meetings in NYC for my LC Lauren Conrad line, traveling abroad to meet artisans for The Little Market, and of course the occasional much-needed vacation, I’ve had my fair share of practice putting together airport ensembles. And since I know many of you are traveling this time of year as well, I thought I’d share my perfect airport outfit formula.

Keep scrolling to see my ideal travel look!

Comfortable T-Shirt

Never underestimate the power of having a perfect tee in your wardrobe. A T-shirt with a flattering cut will allow you to keep things comfy and casual while still looking stylish. My favorite tees tend to have a relaxed fit and a soft, thin material. Solid, neutral colors and stripes are both extremely versatile. And as cute as cropped styles are, I recommend sticking to a longer silhouette for the airport if it would bother you to bare your midriff when you’re asked to raise your arms up in the security line.

Stretch Skinny Jeans

Stretchy skinny jeans (aka jeggings) are an important piece of my airport uniform. The fact that they have a lot of stretch makes them comfy on the plane, but they are much more acceptable to wear in public than sweatpants. I’m all for feeling comfortable on a long flight, but I don’t condone wearing your pajamas in public!

Slip-On Sneakers

Ballet flats used to be my go-to shoe for airport security purposes. But walking through the security line barefoot isn’t exactly ideal. So with all the chic styles available lately, my current shoe of choice is a slip-on sneaker. They’re just as easy to get on and off, but you can wear them with socks—which means no need to worry about grimy airport floors or chilly toes on the flight.

Leather Jacket

A jacket is a must on chilly flights. I always opt for styles with pockets to store my boarding pass, phone, and passport for easy access during boarding. A jacket is also easier to slip off when you go through the body scan than a pullover sweater is. Military-style jackets also work well, but lately, I’m all about the suede or leather moto jacket.

Blanket Scarf

You can’t beat a big, cozy scarf to keep you warm or even act as a makeshift pillow or blanket on the plane. Bonus points if it’s a cashmere blend, like the Madeleine Thompson pick below…

Chic Sunglasses

Let’s face it… it can be hard to pull together a full face of makeup for an early morning flight or long red-eye. That’s why I always make sure to have my sunnies close at hand to camouflage my lack of sleep or makeup.

Minimal Jewelry

The airport security line is no place for loads of chunky jewelry that you’ll have to remove before you walk through the metal detector. Leave the heavy metal at home, ladies, and instead, opt for delicate pieces.

Which of the above pieces are your favorite? I’d love to hear about your own airport style in the comments!

XO Lauren