The Trends That Will Be Huge in 2018 According to Lauren Conrad


Steve Erle/Kohl’s

Hello, 2018! We all know that January is typically about kick-starting those resolutions. Sometimes they take the form of a lifestyle change, attitude adjustment, or gym routine, but I have something new on my list this year. I’ve been inspired to up my outfit game because let’s face it, when you look good, you feel even better. Let’s all resolve to look and feel our best this year, starting with these next five trends.

Tassels and Fringe

A little embellishment goes a long way, especially if you’re opting to add any tassels and fringe to your ensemble. I love a good tasseled handbag or earrings, and fringe adds something fun to pieces like sweaters and jean hems.

Chic Suiting

This next trend takes being a boss babe to the next level. Dress the part with chic suits. Whether it’s a blazer, a tailored pair of trousers, or a structured blouse, I encourage you to take charge of your wardrobe.

Bold Prints

Bold prints aren’t just reserved for warmer months. Brighten up your winter wardrobe with pops of floral, stripes, and anything else that instantly catches your eye.

Sheer Dresses

Bring on the romance. Sheer dresses add a whimsical touch to any wardrobe and come in so many different varieties.

Available in sizes 10W to 20W.

Checks and Plaid

It’s no secret that plaid is winter’s favorite pattern. From outerwear to everyday pieces, you can’t go wrong with adding some checks here and there.

Available in sizes 0 to 8.

Which one of these trends are you most excited about? Let me know in the comments!

XO Lauren