These 3 Jewelry Trends Are on Their Way Out—and 3 That Are In

Many of us fall into one of two camps when it comes to jewelry: You wear the same few pieces 95% of the time because they’re sentimental, of the utmost quality, and pretty much complement everything you wear. Or you’re all about riding the wave of the latest jewelry trends that fall in and out of popularity every few seasons. The below is likely more for the latter group, but we happen to think there's something for everyone—sentimentalists and trend followers alike—beginning with three styles that have slowly fallen out and three that have commanded the spotlight.

Think about the prevalence of rose gold or the obsession with simple hoop earrings just a few seasons ago. These are just a few of the styles we've noticed have become scarcer recently. If you're in the mood to give your accessory collection a fresh update, we suggest starting with the of-the-moment pieces below that are quickly becoming must-try silhouettes for the second half of 2019. Here, the three jewelry trends to skip and the three to start wearing immediately.

Out: Delicate Necklaces

In: Chunky Necklaces

There is no question that chunky jewelry in all of its forms will be the defining trend in the second half of 2019. Chunky necklaces, specifically, just might be the runaway trend to invest in.

Out: Basic Hoops

In: Sculptural Earrings

While earrings like small, simple hoops have dominated for the last few seasons, there is a new wave of cool earrings that are bulkier and more sculptural than their predecessors. And we are so here for them.

Out: Rose Gold

In: Silver

While yellow-gold jewelry still reigns over the fashion set, silver jewelry is inching its way back in. This happens to be great news for your bank account because silver is a fraction of the price of gold. And sorry, rose gold. We're retiring you for now.