The At-Home Alternative to Lash Extensions That We've All Been Waiting For

So there I was minding my business and applying my strip lashes as I have done for the last 10 years. Because honestly, mascara just doesn't do it for me. People always ask why I don't just opt for lash extensions, so I can avoid applying my strip lashes every day. But I've tried it and didn't rate them. I felt like I didn't have enough control with the final look of the extensions. Plus, it's pretty expensive to maintain and I have no inclination of going in for refills every few weeks and I lost a lot of my own lashes.

I've always been rather content with my strips, that is until Lashify came into my life. I usually find out about most products when the press release lands in my inbox, but this time I'd been stalking the brand's Instagram page for a while. Lashify, the DIY lash-extension brand, has just launched in the UK, and I'm not exaggerating here but its changed my life. If you're looking to upgrade your false lash game, then keep scrolling for the lowdown.


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Wearing Lash Map: F16, F16, F16, F16, F16 (Stacked with E14, E16, E16)

First up is The Control Kit (£108), which is all you need to get started and includes the patented Fuse Wand, two lengths of Gossamers (this is what the lashes are called), the flexible bond to glue the lashes and a sealing product. 

What makes Lashify unique is that you apply the 100% silk lashes, which come in little clusters and feel totally weightless, under your actual lashes instead of on top of them. It's a bit tricky to begin with, as you apply the bond to your natural lashes and then stick the Gossamers on the root of your lashes, a few millimetres from the waterline. 

Then you use the wand to fuse them. The brand is very transparent that this requires patience and that you'll get better at the placement of the lashes over time. Because I'm a lash geek I swotted up on its website and the incredible Facebook community of nearly 50,000 fans on the Lashify Life group. So I had a head start on how to best apply them.

The best part? The lashes last longer than a day and you can reuse them! This makes them more cost-effective than lash extensions, as once you get the Control Kit the Gossamers are between £11 and £19, thereafter. Some people still choose to apply them daily, but I kept mine on for three days on my first application then got more days out of them on my next try. With some clever longevity hacks, they can last up to two weeks and you can clean the lashes to reuse again.

The selection of Gossamers is pretty great, and I found myself spending about £200 on them immediately after the PR sent over the Control Kit. I'm hooked. You can go for bold, fluffy or very natural and they range from 8mm to 20mm in length. The Intimate Collection comes in lighter shades like ginger and ash, to suit more hair colours.

The different bonds are all damage-free and the lashes literally swipe off with the Melt Away Remover (£16) and didn't take any of my own with them.


(Image credit: @gisellelpm)

While I've been waking up to incredible lashes every day and I've been able to apply a full set in 10 minutes, what I love most is that it's become a hobby. As a beauty writer, there are very few products that I actually buy myself, and this is one of them. I mean, I signed up for the membership instantly. I also bought a bunch of kit from spoolies to storage containers to house my stash and take care of the Gossamers.

They might just be false lashes to some people, but Lashify and the wonderful community have been such a soothing balm for a pretty rough year. Keep scrolling for the other eye makeup products I use to finish my look. 

I usually put my Lashify lashes on before I do my makeup, so to avoid any eye shadow fallout, this primer is my go-to.

My absolute favourite palette for lightly dabbing a wash of shimmery colour on my lids. 

As Lashify mimics the appearance of eyeliner, I've been skipping my signature feline flick and using this pencil under my lower lashes.

The brush is quite large, but this is the only mascara I use on my lower lashes and I sincerely hope it never gets discontinued.

For an inner eye corner highlight, nothing does a better job at making me look wide awake than this. 

Up next, the makeup tricks that will make your eyes look bigger.

Giselle La Pompe-Moore