The Denim Trends New York and L.A. Girls Wear So Differently

When it comes to cities with inspiring style, New York and Los Angeles rank high on the list. In fact, there’s a whole debate about which coast wins the sartorial game. While it’s virtually impossible to put either city into one style category—someone in Echo Park will likely have a completely different vibe than a Santa Monica beach girl—there’s something to be said about the distinctly contrasting styles from coast to coast.

“I would say pace is the biggest driver,” says FIGTNY’s Michaela Babuskova of the difference. “When I’m visiting SoCal, there seems to be less urgency, and I feel myself dressing much more relaxed with flowy pieces and weather-appropriate dresses that match L.A.’s more laid-back vibe.”

While weather certainly dictates ensemble choices (strappy sandals versus snow boots for one), we believe the most significant sartorial differences are found in how denim trends are styled. To illustrate our point, we tapped bloggers living in both cities to style AG cropped denim and wide-leg trousers in their own signature ways.

Scroll down to see how women like Babuskova, Christina Caradona of Trop Rouge, Paola Alberdi of Blank Itinerary, and Tania Sarin wear cropped jeans and wide-leg denim trousers.