29 Killer Items From Nordstrom's Sale I Can Personally Vouch For


(Image credit: @em_tong)

If you haven't heard, Nordstrom has been having an epic sale. Now, normally when we do these kinds of roundups, we scour said sale to bring you the best deals on the most coveted items we can find. This time, however, we're doing things a little differently. 

Instead of providing you with a guide of things we want, we're supplying a list of items we've actually bought and tried. That means fully vetted beauty, fashion, and home décor at hugely discounted prices. Some of these things never go on sale, so you can feel extra good about the fact that you're getting a foolproof buy for a steal. If you're ready to see my best-of list, keep scrolling. Warning: You're going to want it all. 

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