Kendall Jenner's Ballet-Inspired Spread in Vogue Is So Pretty

It's safe to say the fashion industry is obsessed with all things ballet-related right now. Zara jumped on board with its very own ballet-inspired collection featuring lace-up flats, ethereal dresses, and unique leggings that let you incorporate the sport's aesthetic into your everyday wardrobe. Net-a-Porter stocks pretty pieces from the celebrity-favorite studio Ballet Beautiful. Solange Knowles took the look for a test-drive in a subtle way. Even Angelina Jolie is ahead of the trend with her lace-up flats. And that doesn't even count the stylish stars who have taken up ballet for themselves, including Gigi Hadid.

Now Kendall Jenner is the latest to pay homage to dancers with her new spread for Vogue España. Photographed by Miguel Reveriego, Jenner shared the images on her Instagram. With a soft pastel color palette, the photos are beyond pretty. They just might convince you to sign up for a class stat. 

Scroll down to see images from Kendall Jenner's new spread in Vogue España!

What do you think about this shoot? Tell us in the comments below, and then shop Zara's ballet-inspired wares online!

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