Prediction: These Sunglasses Will Sell Out Thanks to Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is undoubtedly the queen of sunglasses, at least when it comes to stylish models off duty, and she seems to have found herself a new pair. Cat eyes are undoubtedly the It style of frames at the moment, as proven by Olivia Palermo and Bella Hadid, among others. Now Jenner, too, is taking the classic throwback shape out for a spin (with very glamorous results).

While we often see cat eyes in plastic-frame iterations, Jenner's actually feature wire frames, which are undeniably cool and a little unexpected. If you haven’t yet sprung for a pair of cat eyes, this sleek black pair with flat lenses (for a modern twist) should probably be your next purchase—we predict that everyone will be wearing the style come fall. Additionally, her sunglasses are by Olivia Palermo–approved brand Le Specs, one of our favorite sources for wallet-friendly eyewear. They clock in at $119, which is a bit of a steal considering the fact that they’re just as stylish as their high-end designer counterparts.

With her off-the-shoulder top and neck scarf, Kenner wore the shades with 1950s Parisian flair. Given how stunning they looked on her and the popularity of Le Specs’ celeb-approved options, we’re quite sure that these will quickly fly out of stock.

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On Kendall Jenner: Le Specs Nero Sunglasses ($119); Are You Am I Minka Top ($89).

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