18 Reasons Kate Bosworth Is Benjamin Buttoning Right Before Our Eyes

We're well aware celebrities have access to the most amazing makeup and skincare wizards in the world, so they have an upper hand when it comes to their anti-aging efforts. (Hey, it's their job to be in front of the camera, so we guess it's fair.) That said, since our favorite celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Drew BarrymoreJanuary Jones (and more!) are rather in the know when it comes to the latest and greatest in skincare and beauty, we go through their social media accounts with a fine-tooth comb for every drop of wisdom they gift us with. And lately, we've had our eye on Kate Bosworth. Sure, we might have first fallen in love with her fresh face of freckles back in the early 2000s (Blue Crush will forever be a classic, after all), but we can't seem to shake the notion that the actress—who is currently 37—seems to be aging in reverse. Is it just us, or does she have the skin of 20-year-old?

In an effort to gain some insight into the products, rituals, and treatments Bosworth swears by to maintain her skin's integrity and her overall healthy and glow-y aesthetic, we did a deep-dive into her Instagram account. Because (bless her), she's been very generous in terms of the tutorials and tips she's been doling out as of late. Curious to know how Bosworth seems to be Benjamin Buttoning right before our eyes? Keep scrolling—we have 18 major clues waiting for you just ahead. 

1. She Loves a Packed Lunch

Not only is Kate Bosworth's What's for Lunch IGTV series adorable, but it also offers some insight into what the actress noshes on to maintain her energy and youthfulness. Instead of ordering food on the go or eating out during a busy day, Bosworth guzzles a big bottle of filtered water, an arugula salad dressed with avocado, chickpeas, and some other "good stuff," a Honeycrisp apple, and a Kind Bar.

Of course, not everyone's daily eats need to look like Bosworth's in order to maintain a healthy glow (you do you, please!), but we're taking note of her clean, whole-food mentality that's low in sugar and high in protein, fiber, and healthy fats.

2. Her Travel Destinations (and the Season!) Inspire Her Makeup Vibe

Inspired by a recent trip to Italy, Bosworth's first foray into the world of online makeup tutorials sheds some light on her romantic side. This look, dubbed "Italian Romance," focuses on a mock wine-stained "berry-bitten lip" accentuated by a soft, chocolate-hued eye. For her fluttery, ultra-long lashes, Bosworth loves Glossier's Lash Slick Mascara ($16). 

Bosworth also shares here that the season often dictates the shades and colors she chooses to use—brighter pops of coral and pink for spring and summer compared to deeper hues of berry for fall and winter. 

3. She's Obsessive About the "Integrity" of Her Skin

And she knows the importance of a truly epic face cream. "I'm obsessed with this face cream," says Bosworth. "It's incredibly results-driven—I'm a huge skincare fanatic, and this is a product that I’ve absolutely been loving. It’s great for the winter season or when you’re traveling a lot and feel super dry." Fun fact: Bosworth will use the cream on the go and mix it with her favorite concealers to expand their coverage and create a makeshift foundation (if you will). 

4. She's a Real-Life "Excavator" in Search of the Perfect Foundation

According to this makeup tutorial, Bosworth tout's Koh Gen Do's cult-loved Maifanshi Moisture Foundation ($77) as her ultimate product pick when it comes to making her skin look healthy, glowy, and super-hydrated. She uses shade 13 and shares that for her, the foundations that always work the best are the formulas that do have a moisturizing and hydrating element to them. (Drying formulas are a no-go if you're looking for a dose of youthfulness!) 

5. She Doesn't Forget Her Ears

Not only does Bosworth value the process of finding her perfect holy-grail foundation, but she also knows application—and product placement—are essential. Here, she shares that oftentimes we forget to cover our ears (which can be red or more pigmented), which adds a unified look to our makeup vibe. To keep everything even, she relies on her "hero" brush (aka the below number by Charlotte Tilbury) to get every last millimeter of her complexion and, yes, her ears.

6. She Never Leaves the House Without Concealer

Bobbi Brown's Skin Foundation Stick ($47), in particular (which, by the way, she only ever applies with her fingers). 

“It’s just one of those products that’s always in my makeup kit or in my purse,” she explains. “It’s just an easy way to touch up the skin and has a really creamy and hydrating consistency.”

7. She Uses Blush and Eye Shadow Interchangeably

Bosworth shares that she has a knack for multipurposing her favorite makeup products and uses a pretty taupe-y hue from YSL to add a creamy wash of color and contour to her lids and cheekbones alike. Sadly, we couldn't find the exact product Bosworth reached for in this tutorial (it's no longer carried!), but we found a similar shade in the brand's Couture Blush. 

Another fave product she'll dab on both her eyes and cheeks? Clinique's fan-favorite Chubby Sticks. Bosworth's favorite shade has since been discontinued, but we know for a fact that her longtime makeup artist Pati Dubroff favors this pretty pop of pink from the brand. 

8. She Knows What Works (and What Doesn't) for Her Eye Color

"I don’t use a lot of blacks around my eyes because when I do, it makes them look smaller," says Bosworth. "Whereas warmer brown or burgundy or pink tones are much more complementary to my eye color." She loves the shade Disaster Class from Glossier, which reminds her of a luxe pour of Bordeaux.

9. She (Like the Rest of the Human Population) Really Stans Boy Brow

At this point, we're pretty sure the entire celebrity and makeup artist universe hoard Glossier's top-selling product, and Boy Brow ($16) also happens to be Bosworth's not-so-secret secret to her perfectly groomed arches, which, yes, are crucial for a well-framed and youthful-looking face. 

10. She Likes to "Finger-Paint" Her Blush (Even If It's Powder)

After first applying her favorite blushes (Nars is a favorite brand), with a brush, she's not afraid to get her fingers dirty as well. 

“I always kind of get my fingers in there with blush just to kind of meld it in,” she admits. “Even if it’s a powder.” 

11. She Has a Specific Dab-and-Bleed Lipstick Application Technique

Bosworth is not shy about loving a bold lip look—be it a darker stain of color or a bright, juicy pop. That said, she has a very specific application method. First, she dabs (in kind of delicate stabbing motion) the tube to her lips, and then uses her fingers to spread and push the product into her lips while she pouts to create that perfect ratio of color and stain to create her signature "just-bitten" look. She's a fan (as are beauty editors) of Rituel de Fille's pretty line of nontoxic lippies. 

12. She Wears Light Pink Lipstick Alone and Over Other Colors

“This tint has a tiny tiny bit of pink, which kind of naturally draws out the color in your lips, and I wear this alone A LOT, but I also like to add it on top of my other favorite lip colors," Bosworth shares.

13. She Applies Aquaphor to Her Lashes and Brows

In a pinch (aka when she's without her usual stash of makeup products), Bosworth shares she'll abide by an old trick leaked to her by a makeup artist and use a creamy balm like Aquaphor to coat her lashes and brows. In the absence of a mascara or brow pen, the formula helps thicken up the hairs, lending a fluttering and full texture. (She uses clean fingertips for her lashes and a clean toothbrush for her brows.)

(Here, she shares that she also loves to use Glossier's beloved Balm Dotcom $12 for the same purpose—in coconut!) 

14. She Doesn't Neglect Her Skincare Routine When She Travels

While in the beautiful (and steamy!) St. Lucia, Bosworth took some time to share her go-to skincare routine when she travels. In terms of anti-aging, consistency is key, and Bosworth shares that she relies on the below skin staples to keep her skin on good behavior even amid differing climates and weather forecasts.

“I use this cleanser from Epicuren religiously regardless of what climate I’m in,” Bosworth shares

"This gel is so nice if your skin is feeling irritated or if you’ve been in the sun—it's also very clean, which I love.”

When traveling somewhere warm, Bosworth switches her go-to formula from Augustinus Bader (The Rich Cream we mentioned earlier!) to the brand's slightly lighter iteration, The Cream ($265). As Bosworth explains, it's a better option for her skin when she's in a warmer and more humid climate.

Last but not least, Bosworth favors a natural, lightweight, and active botanical–infused mist to seal in all of her skincare and lend an extra hint of moisture. Recently, she discovered Bronty and has been favoring various formulas from the brand like this one (called Refresh), which is a great option for travel. 

15. She Has Not One But 3 Favorite Sunscreens

Bosworth knows that youthful skin and stringent sunscreen application go hand in hand. So, not all that surprisingly, she has a very specific three-piece repertoire of formulas she keeps on hand at all times—especially when she's traveling. Her favorites are below!

Bosworth shares that she loves to use this clean and classic formula from Coola underneath her makeup. (It's organic and reef-safe!)

Another sunscreen Bosworth "absolutely adores" is this strategic mattifying formula from Inno-Derma. 

"I wear this when I’m going into the sun, and/or when I'm going to be wearing more makeup because it's mattifying—I have super0sensitive skin, and it doesn’t make me break out," she notes. 

When she needs some coverage from her sunscreen, Bosworth relies on this organic French skincare formula from Sun Si'belle, which she says is a universally flattering "chameleon" SPF that is tinted but magically works for all skin tones. When on holiday, the actress says she'll use it in lieu of foundation. 

16. She Knows About the One Bronzer Every A-Lister Is Obsessed With

None other than Chanel's Soleil Tan de Chanel ($50)—the creamy, ultra-blendable bronzer that practically every celebrity and makeup artist uses and swears by for creating the most flattering and believable of glows. 

"It’s such a great natural-looking bronze, and I’ve probably been using it since it came out," Bosworth gushes. "It’s the hero product in so many girls’ bags. This is the only product I really use a brush for, and it will mix really nicely with all the other products you’re wearing."

17. She Takes Fitness (Very) Seriously

Take a glance at her "Fitness" highlight reel on Instagram, and you'll see that Bosworth takes her workout regimen extremely seriously. She prioritizes sessions with her trainer Steph Watson and will even get herself to the gym post-flight. (Respect.)

18. She Loves LED Therapy

Check out Bosworth's "Beauty" highlights on Instagram, and you'll see tons of non-sponsored posts about the LED treatments from LightStim, which she largely credits for helping to maintain the integrity of her skin. (She has her own hand-held device for home and also goes for in-office sessions.) 

"This is me getting game-face ready for fashion week," the actress captions one snapshot on Instagram. "I often get asked about skin and LightStim has been a HUGE part of maintaining the integrity—in my opinion—the best in LED therapy hands down. I have been using LightStim for YEARS, they are the only US-manufactured/FDA-approved LED Therapy. The BEST."

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