"It's Just a Perfect Part of Our Uniform": A Top Stylist Spills Her Go-To Shoe


Collage Vintage

"I miss going into a great athletic store, and for me, this has been a long time coming," confessed celebrity stylist Karla Welch as she spoke at a private event at L.A.'s SIX:02, a fashion fitness boutique that curates athletic-inspired style. Welch, whose client list includes Ruth Negga, Karlie Kloss, Cindy Crawford, and Justin Bieber, went on to say that men's streetwear and athletic wear have been dominating street style, yet the women's market is so huge—"why wouldn't we want all these elements for ourselves?" Standing in front of a wall of covetable sneakers that ranged from classic Converse to the latest suede platforms from Puma, Welch noted, "I think [the women's activewear market] is fully on display here—like the sneaker section alone is amazing." Welch admitted that she turns to sneakers in her everyday personal stylings. "I wear them with a blazer, a cool jean, a Chanel bag," she described. "I think it's just a perfect part of our uniform." Below we've selected some of our choice picks for fashion-forward sneakers to work into your ensembles when you're not going to the gym.