This Cult-Loved Brand Just Dropped a Damage-Erasing Conditioner, so I Tried It


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Although my skin type and hair texture don't always allow for it, I love to try new beauty products on a weekly basis. Granted, some products don't always work out, but I'm on an endless quest to find what I truly love—the products that make me swear off all others. As part of this quest, I was curious about biomimetic haircare brand K18. I talk to a lot of stylists, and it's one of the brands that they consistently recommend.

I initially didn't give it a second thought, because it seemed like it was exclusively for fine, thinner hair types or folks who bleach their hair. I'm also always a bit skeptical when it comes to products that claim to be for "all hair types." If having thick, coarse, 3c curls has taught me anything, it's that not all formulas are going to gel with your hair (cheers to learning this the hard way!). While K18 does say it is for all hair types and textures, I decided to give a few of the brand's products a go to see how they'd work for my curls. A few star products I tried included the brand's new Damage Shield Protective Conditioner ($36) along with the accompanying Damage Shield Protective Shampoo ($36). Keep scrolling for my honest thoughts.


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