The Jewelry Trend Our Readers Have Quit for Good

Welcome to #WhoWhatWearing, a series where we highlight you, our stylish community of readers. Each of the following looks came straight from the photos you tagged us in on Instagram. Want to be featured next time? You guessed it: Use #WhoWhatWearing on the outfit posts you want us to see.

Our readers are a stylish bunch, so we love seeing which trends they are and are not partaking in. It's one thing to see a trend happening all over Instagram, and it's another thing entirely to try it out for yourself—that's when you know the love is real. Lately, we've noticed our readers getting on board with a ton of fall's prettiest jewelry trends. We took a look at their best jewelry 'grams to date and found that while there are a handful of styles that are universally popular, there are also a few trends everyone's decided to put to rest.

The one jewelry trend you won't spot Who What Wear readers wearing? The colorful tassel earrings that seemed to have died down considerably this year. In their place, our community has started to adorn themselves with dainty gold pieces like stacked necklaces, hoop earrings, and pretty pearls. Curious to see which jewelry styles our readers are embracing at full force right now? Continue on to discover the five trends they (and we) are obsessed with.

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