I Own 29 Pairs of Jeans, But I Always Wear These 5

It would be fair to call my burgeoning denim collection unreasonable. No one needs 29 pairs of jeans. But between an obsession with picking up vintage finds and a job that involves a lot of testing of new denim trends, I've managed to accumulate quite a collection. But here's the honest truth: While I'll wear anything once (or even a handful of times), there are really only five denim styles that I trust to wear year after year and season after season.

Every pair of jeans serves its own specific purpose. Vintage denim is my weekend go-to, while a sleeker dark wash is the ideal for more professional settings. And while you should always dare to embrace a trend or two, when it comes down to jeans you'll wear for the next 10 years, these are the five styles that are worth investing in. Check out my full breakdown below.