The Denim Trend Everyone Will Be Wearing in 3 Months

For a while now, I have been wondering what will replace the massive hype that was the suit come fall 2018. Brace yourselves because I believe I just found it, and it involves a whole lot of denim. Some of you might look at the trend I'm about to shine a light on and think it's just a Canadian tuxedo, but I would beg to differ. Over the past few months, designers and fast-fashion brands alike have been churning out denim sets of all kinds, each varying in color and style. It's official: The denim-on-denim trend has been completely revamped, and we're about to explain how.

With this new iteration of the classic trend, we're talking a yellow cropped denim jacket with matching low-rise wide-leg jeans, a baby pink miniskirt with matching oversize denim jacket, and so on and so forth. The major upgrades we're seeing to this timeless denim outfit strip the Western, ranch, and cowgirl vibes the look can so often emit, and instead, we're getting the forward, fashion-girl, and urban feels all around.

Considering the throw-on-and-go nature that matching sets provide the wearer, similar to that of a suit, is it safe to say this new denim trend is replacing the suit for fall 2018? I say yes. Yes, indeed. Ahead shop the new and improved denim-on-denim trend we're predicting everyone will wear in three months flat in colorways and silhouettes that are sure to get you excited for the future of fall denim ahead.