15 Secret Spots to Shop for Unique Jeans

Sometimes the very best things are hidden in plain sight. Such is the case for the subject of today’s market roundup: unique jeans. But before we get to where to find them, let’s first chat about what warrants a pair of jeans to bear the label of unique.

The pickings aren’t slim when it comes to denim. There’s a seemingly endless supply of brands that offer a selection of jeans, jackets, and beyond in numerous shades of indigo. However, we think that once you have a solid inventory of everyday jeans from these brands, it’s not a bad idea to invest in a pair that feels a bit more creative. Whether it’s the Vetements route of reconstructed jeans or add-ons like patches or embroidery—anything that takes them to a not-so-basic level is something we can get onboard with.

So where can you find them? In simplest terms: just about everywhere. Even the brands you expect will only offer standard jeans usually produce a small handful of unconventional pairs with unexpected elements, like fringe hems, front zippers, or even exaggerated silhouettes. No need to dig through a thrift store or splurge on a crazy designer pair, you just have to know how to navigate your favorite sites and check back regularly for new arrivals.

This time we did the work for you and rounded up 15 pairs of unique jeans we know you’ll love. Shop our picks below.

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This post was published at an earlier date and has been updated by Anna LaPlaca.