12 French Beauty Products That Are Basically Magic, According to Jeanne Damas

Parisian It girl Jeanne Damas is not only known for her French approach to fashion—that centers around easy, timeless pieces like oversize blazers and floral dresses—but also her French approach to beauty. Much like her fashion, her hair and makeup always look effortless and understated, so we were curious about what French beauty products she swears by to achieve this Parisian take on beauty.

To find out, I asked Jeanne Damas to share her favorite products for skin, makeup, and hair—and she admitted that the ones in her medicine cabinet are nothing short of magical. Ahead, I’m highlighting Damas’s top beauty products and the French pharmacy beauty items she can’t live without. Go on to see why each of them is on her list and shop them for yourself. The good news is that you don’t need to hop on a plane to Paris to buy them—you can order all of them right here.


"I love Leonor Greyl for hair. I wash with it every day."

Hair Serum

"I also use a little bit of David Mallet serum every day after my shower. It’s magical for all types of hair."


"For my daily makeup routine, I use our Rouje lipsticks not only on my lips but on also as a blush on my cheeks."

Makeup Remover

"I use Joëlle Ciocco milk and oil to remove my makeup at night. It creates a perfect, relaxing moment for a quick facial massage."

The Best French Pharmacy Brands

French pharmacy brands are a Parisian beauty secret, and these are the three brands Jeanne Damas always returns to for her skin and hair regimens.

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