Oh, You Want Me to Shop J.Crew's 60%-Off Sale? Don't Mind If I Do



J.Crew's sales are a step beyond those at near any other retailer. Like its competitors, the brand marks down its old season items—nothing particularly special there. But the additional detail that makes so many of J.Crew's sales feel so special is the brand's tendency to put its sale items on sale. Yes, you read that right. On top of its already epic selection of discounted items, the brand will dole out a code that slashes the price even more. And as luck would have it, one such sale is going on right now.

From today until May 3, over 300 pieces from J.Crew's selection of marked down items can be purchased for an additional 60% off when you use the code "SALEONSALE" at checkout. And before you ask, yes, there's still plenty of great stuff on sale. From a leopard-print set worn by none other than J.Crew's head of women's design Olympia Gayot to a too-good-to-be-true pair of leather trousers that are marked down to $30, this sale is no joke. Shop our favorites from the offering below. 

If you hate gorgeous prints, keep scrolling. 

By buying this dress, you're manifesting an Italian summer vacation. 

I can't believe the price on these perfectly slouchy jeans. Truly, I'm shocked. 

These with a slouchy pair of white trousers and brown slide sandals just screams summer in the south of France to me. 

Run to buy these before they sell out (because they will). 

One-shoulder tops are automatically cooler than two-shoulder ones. I don't know why, it's just true. 

I adore a dress that can be dressed up and down with just a few accessory changes.

I just know this shirt will get worn at least twice a week this spring and summer. 

Cottagecore isn't going anywhere as long as this dress remains available. 

If pairing these round-toe pumps with jeans and a T-shirt every day of the week is wrong, I don't want to be right. 

Point Sur denim from J.Crew is too often slept on. The quality is 10/10. 

This color looks so nice with a summer glow.