Why J.Crew's Newest Bags Are So on Trend

It seems as though off-the-rack, garden-variety clothes and accessories just won't cut it anymore—the fashion world is obsessed with being able to personalize purchases with unique details. Gigi Hadid, for instance, recently sported a customized leather jacket, while Gucci launched a DIY service for chic crafters. Simone by Katie Nehra also just introduced silk varsity jackets that let you embellish your own hashtag on the back. Now, our new favorite personalized buy is J.Crew's just-launched handbag collection that's fully customizable. 

The collection comes complete with bags in leather or calf hair, plus accessories like coin purses, embossed tags, and key fobs—all in a slew of Rainbow Brite colors to choose from. Plus, you can monogram any of the bags and accessories to add the ultimate personal touch. What more could you want?

To celebrate the launch, J.Crew offered Who What Wear a sneak peek inside three staffers' bags—and the contents are just as chic as you'd imagine. 

Scroll down to peek inside three J.Crew insiders' bags, and shop the brand's new customizable collection!

How would you customize one of these bags? Tell us in the comments below, and then shop J.Crew's full bag collection! Plus, find out more details on what's inside these staffers' bags on J.Crew's blog!