5 Items Fashion Girls Have Basically Stopped Buying  


A Love Is Blind

Product trends are dictated by more than just the fashion world's opinion—they are dictated by which products are actually being sold and how quickly. So to preface our list, no, this is not just another trend report or trend prediction story. Rather, it's an investigation led by the data collected by the talented analysts at Edited. Edited is "a retail technology company, [that] helps lead brands and retailers have the right product at the right price, at the right time. With more than 80 billion data points, and millions more added daily, Edited is the world leader of real-time data for apparel retailers worldwide." Talk about an introduction…

Senior analyst Katie Smith from the Edited team gave us the lowdown on the items that are seeing a complete decrease in sales across the board. In other words, the products barely anyone is buying anymore. Since these sorts of retail trends change like the wind, it can be difficult to keep up, but per usual, we are here to bring you the most cutting-edge information that will only help keep you afloat in the crazy world of fashion we know you love. 

Ahead, find out which five products fashion girls aren't buying anymore, in addition to the ones they are.