Alert: Your Favorite Trend Just Might Be Over

When Lululemon’s founder says athleisure is over, it’s time to stop and take stock. Are our days of comfortable, spandex-enrobed fashion over? Back in June, the brand’s Chip Wilson told Business Insider, “If Lululemon thinks it’s in the athleisure business—that would be its biggest mistake.” Instead, he noted that successful brands focus on “streetnic,” sportswear that may happen to look good but is designed to be athletic instead of just following the trend.

Wilson isn’t the only one who is questioning the current obsession with sportswear. A recent article in The Cut asks whether our saturation point has arrived, citing a report predicting the trend’s eventual demise. The rumblings around the idea of athleisure don’t necessarily herald the end of sweatpants, but instead suggest that women may change their shopping habits, sticking to athletic wear for workouts but not wearing out.

Still, there is plenty of high-fashion athletic wear to be found, from the partnership of NikeLab and Riccardo Tisci to fashion-focused fitness lines like Tory Sport and even the sweatsuits of of-the-moment brand Vetements, so it’s hard to imagine that we’ll do away with performance wear altogether. As with any trend, however, popularity wanes over time. Just know we’re not trading in our leggings quite yet.

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