An Expert Just Told Me This "Dated" Bob Haircut Will Be Everywhere In 2024

When I think of the most popular bob hairstyles, everything from the textured bob to the butterfly bob comes to mind. But much as I love all of them, I'm never quite sure which one will suit my face shape best. However, it turns out that one of the most versatile bob hair trends is actually an older style that some may consider "dated". That's right, I'm talking about the inverted bob hair trend. I don't know about you, but when I think of the inverted bob, Victoria Beckham immediately comes to mind. The star was known for this hairstyle back in the early '00s—when it was coined the "Pob", for posh (spice) bob—and I remember being desperate to re-create the look.


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Although this exact hairstyle is yet to come back in fashion, there's a new way to wear the inverted bob haircut this winter, and I've spoken to Emma Vickery, creative director and all-round haircare expert at Percy & Reed, to find out exactly how people are making this haircut feel more 2024. 

What Is an Inverted Bob?

"An inverted bob is basically the same as an A-line bob or a graduated bob," explains Vickery. "The only difference is the length of the graduation or layering throughout the haircut. It's shorter at the back and is usually cut to replicate the shape of the neck. The style drops down in length as it moves towards the face. The length of the layers is totally up to you to decide with your stylist, but the actual shape is usually cut in first before doing this." 


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Does the Inverted Bob Suit All Face Shapes?

The great thing about this haircut is how versatile it is. "This style, unlike most bobs, does suit most people, as you can gauge the length around the face," says Vickery. "If you have a rounder face, this hairstyle can look especially good as it keeps more length around the face, which can elongate your facial features."

Is the Inverted Bob Still In Style?

"I wouldn’t say that the 'classic' inverted bob is coming back in fashion, but people have been cutting it differently to make it much more modern," explains Vickery. "I would recommend leaving more length throughout so that it actually becomes a bit more of a lob rather than a really short bob. In terms of styling, it should naturally sit well its own without too much work required, but if needed I would go in with a large, round brush to create a bevel through the ends and give the hair some width."

2024 Inverted Bob Inspiration 


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Ciara has kept her inverted bob hairstyle on the longer side, and the addition of a side parting makes this look even more modern.


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Why not add a fringe for a slightly edgier take on the trend?


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That's right, even VB has worn her inverted bob in more of a lob hairstyle. 


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I love how subtle the graduation is on this bob. 


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Your inverted bob needn't be extreme—ask your stylist to feather the layers from back to front to create subtle depth, like Rochelle Humes. Also, I'm into the side-swept fringe. 


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It seems that a side parting and an inverted bob make for a chic pairing.


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Another great example of how a fringe can really elevate your hairstyle.


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Simply stunning.


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If you do want to keep your hair on the shorter side, why not add some fun blonde highlights to give your inverted bob a modern look?


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If it's good enough for Halle Berry, then it's definitely good enough for me.

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