I'm Leaving the Country Twice This Month—46 Items I Wouldn't Dare Travel Without

Until a week ago, when I drove from New York City to Montréal for the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix, I hadn't left the country in nearly three years. Though travel restrictions eased up months ago, I, for whatever reason, continued to hold off, even when it felt like every last person on Earth—or at least my Instagram and TikTok feeds—was jet-setting on an international level. This month, however, my years-long streak came to an end, and I'm not stopping at just Montréal. Rather, by the end of its roughly 30 days, not one but two stamps will have been added to my almost-forgotten-about passport. Next stop? Berlin. 

Given that the only trips I've been on in recent memory involved either close-by work travel or home visits, packing for two separate international vacations in the span of one month called for a fair bit of planning. So, to prepare for my trip, and in turn, help you plan for your next transcontinental getaway, I created a no-item-missed packing list for traveling internationally. Keep scrolling to start checking things off. 


White tank top:

White tank tops are one of 2022's top trends, and they're also arguably the most versatile items in our wardrobes. Off the top of my head, they can be worn as a pajama top, for workouts, and dressed up or down depending on what bottoms, shoes, and accessories you pair with them. 


This year, waistcoats are about as essential as a blazer or a pair of slouchy puddle pants. Worn with a matching set or without, a tailored vest will always look cool, no matter where you're jetting off to. 

Flowy button-down shirt:

No matter the occasion, you can toss on an oversize button-down shirt and look sophisticated and stylish. Plus, they're super easy to iron and/or steam after a long flight. 

Tube top:

Tube tops roll up super small in your luggage but pack a big punch, making them perfect for travel. 


Slip dress:

Slip dresses are the perfect travel dress style if you ask me. Not only are they easy to pack, but they also look good no matter where you wear them or how you style them. 

Going-out dress:

I love to get dressed up when I go out on vacation, but hate to have to pack too many options. That's why I always bring a super-neutral yet chic going-out look that can be styled in various ways. 

Formal dress:

Just in case a fancy event comes up while away, I always pack something that can pass for formal but also be worn more casually if need be.



One of the great things about miniskirts is that they take up about .001% of your luggage space. Plus, they look good with just about everything. 

A pair of perfectly fitting jeans are a must no matter where you're going, international or not. 

Maxi skirt:

A silky maxi skirt can be worn in so many different ways, all of which look undeniably chic. So, yes, one is absolutely coming with me on my travels. 

Puddle pants:

Puddle pants are always a yes in my book, especially if you're already packing a waistcoat to go with. Plus, with a matching set, you can wear both pieces together or separate, thus increasing your outfit possibilities. 

Jean shorts:

Traveling in the summer calls for a good, easy pair of jean shorts. These are them. 


Heeled sandals:

Though I'd like to pack about four or five pairs of sandals, given my minimal luggage space, I'm only allowing myself one style for my trips: a simple heeled sandal. I love wedges because they're comfortable and easy to walk in, but still look stylish and on-trend. 

Walking sneakers:

I absolutely swear by these sneakers, especially after walking over 20,000 steps per day in them during the Grand Prix. Not bad.

Knee-high boots:

It might seem odd given their size, but I refuse to travel without a pair of knee-high boots. What can I say? Nothing looks cooler with dresses and skirts than sleek boots. But to combat the extra bulk, I always wear mine to the airport (I'm not really a sweatsuit kind of airport dresser) so as to save space.


When I want to look nice but don't want to wear heels, these loafers are my go-to. 


Throw this on over anything and it'll make the look appear 10 times chicer. 

Whether it rains or not, a trench is always a must for me. 

It's Berlin, I have to wear something leather. 

In-Flight Essentials

Cashmere socks:

No matter how long my travel day is, I'll always slip into a pair of cashmere socks for the duration. Something about it is just so comforting during an otherwise hectic day.

Passport case:

Having a nice passport case somehow makes it easier for me to remember to actually bring my passport.


These bad boys are a travel-day must-have. Never again will you have to hear the buzzing of an airplane rather than whatever TV show or movie you downloaded for the plain ride. 

Yes, you should wear sunscreen on airplanes, especially if you're sitting in a window seat. Then again, you should wear sunscreen all day every day, even when you're not traveling 40,000 feet up in the sky. 

Neck pillow:

I run extremely cold, especially on planes, so a cozy blanket is a must for me. 

Water bottle:

I hate spending money on water at the airport or really at all, so I always bring along a refillable bottle wherever I go. Larq bottles are the absolute best for traveling as they self-purify and self-clean. 

Lip balm:

I refuse to suffer from chapped lips, so I keep a lip balm handy at all times. Plus, traveling can be extremely dehydrating, so anything that can provide additional moisture is of high importance for me.


Before I began downloading e-books, I would bring at least three books every time I went on vacation, which would clearly take up a lot of space and add tons of weight to my bags. These days, all I need is an iPad, which can also double as a not-at-all bulky computer and TV on the go.

Eye mask:

Traveling internationally usually involves a time difference and therefore jet lag. To combat that, I always bring along an eye mask that helps to hide the light so I can sleep no matter what time it is. 

Hand cream:

Whenever I travel, I find myself washing my hands constantly, which always leads to them getting super dry. This ultra-luxurious cream is a lifesaver. 

Under-eye mask:

Remember what I said about planes being dehydrating. These, which include multiple sizes of hyaluronic acid as well as caffeine for de-puffing, are another incredible solution. 


Classic sunglasses:

I've never been one to pack a ton of jewelry on trips, but one simple chain always joins me on my travels. 

For sun protection and style reasons alike. 

I'll likely wear these on the journey and never take them off. 

There's something so fun about a belly chain or other type of waist jewelry. Plus, it doesn't take up any space, so why not bring some? 

Sometimes, if your look is more casual, a super stylish pair of sunglasses like the Saint Laurent ones above just won't go with the look. That's why I always bring a sportier style too, just in case.


This bra has over 3000 reviews on Nordstrom. 

The softest thong ever, period. 

The best part about cute boxers is you can style them as shorts and wear them to bed. Versatility is key when traveling. 

Simple, pretty, and neutral—the perfect travel lingerie trio. 

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From a top to a bandana, this scarf is full of possibilities.

I pretty much pack a bikini on every single trip I go on, even if I'm not sure if one will be remotely necessary. Who knows when an poolside opportunity will come along? 

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