The 15 Most Memorable Zara Pieces of All Time

You may have noticed we like Zara here at Who What Wear. We know the rails so well that we can spy a Zara buy a mile away—even at fashion week among a sea of designer pieces. Our Zara obsession has been a long love affair—we fondly recall the circa-2007 turning point where the Spanish chain started moving away from its workwear tailoring core and branching into more adventurous fashion territory.

This has, as a result, provided many a stellar moment for the brand. Many Zara pieces have become instantly recognizable to even the most laissez-faire of fast-fashion shoppers. I personally recall a moment in 2009 where I thought one particular Zara coat was following me around the country—I was street style–hunting up and down the UK and noticed the Aztec-inspired red, black, and white blanket coat everywhere. It was the piece to be seen in that winter.

Every single year, there are certain Zara pieces that just seize the nation—we already have some ideas about what these will be in 2019. But what are the other most iconic Zara items to date? From the printed kimono to that tartan blanket scarf, keep reading to see the Zara items we remember most clearly.


Strappy Sandals, 2018
(Image credit: @alexisforeman)

In 2018, arguably the most popular Zara piece was this pair of caged black strappy sandals. 


Pastel Suits, 2018
(Image credit: @thedevilswearzara)

In 2018, one of the most bought-into trends at Zara was the pastel trouser suit in baby pink, lemon, blue, and mint. At London Fashion Week in February, we saw one of these at every show.


Kimono, 2017
(Image credit: Soraya Bakhtiar)

In 2017, Zara threw everything it had into kimonos, as there were over 80 kimonos at one time. Lauren Eggertsen, Who What Wear associate editor and resident Zara expert (she runs @thedevilswearzara), said at the time, "I think kimonos gained so much popularity because they're incredibly easy to wear. You can throw one on over a T-shirt and jeans, or layer one over a dress, and your outfit is instantly elevated. Everyone loves pieces that make them feel fashion-forward with minimal effort, and kimonos do exactly that."


Biker Jacket, 2017
(Image credit: @emmarosestyle)

In 2017, there was a point when it seemed like everyone owned in London owned this shearling-lined leather biker jacket. 


Red Gingham Skirt, 2017
(Image credit: @thedevilswearzara)

This red gingham tablecloth-style midi skirt was a hit with the Instagram crowd in 2017 and was mainly styled with a white T-shirt and sandals. 


#ThatCoat, 2016

It's the unassuming woven coat that has been such a hit that it has its own Instagram account. Yes, really. 


Embroidered Shirt, 2016
(Image credit: Getty Images)

This is another Zara item that became a regular feature at fashion week. Olivia Palermo wore this striped embroidered shirt to London and Paris Fashion Week in 2016. 


The Side-Striped Trousers, 2016
(Image credit: Getty Images)

We saw these sport-meets-military wide-leg pants all over fashion week in 2016, and they came with Olivia Palermo's stamp of approval. 


The Boho Shacket, 2015

You could say this boho blouse–come-jacket preceded the embroidery craze that took over the fashion world. Man Repeller's Leandra Medine was the first high-profile influencer to pick this up.


Metal Slides, 2014

From Camille Over the Rainbow to Adenorah, WeWoreWhat to Hippie Hippie Milkshake, these were the slides to own if you were a super blogger five summers ago. 


The Green Tropical Dress, 2014
(Image credit: To Vogue or Bust)

Oh, this was so chic! It was an incredibly popular frock (and Zara has had huge success with floral dresses) that found its way all over the internet due to a surge in stylish girls blogging their way to the top.


Blanket Scarf, 2014
(Image credit: Atlantic Pacific)

Pinterest is still flooded with pictures of this oversize tartan blanket scarf, which was one of Zara's biggest success stories in 2014.


Leopard-Print Kitten Heels, 2013

If you bought these at the time, well done. We know girls who still lament missing out on such a chic affordable purchase. It was around the time of Valentino's Rockstud boom, and kitten heels have remained in our wardrobes ever since.


The Leather-Sleeve Army Jacket, 2012
(Image credit: Come Over to the Dark Side)

Another season, another killer jacket. This one was a major hit at a time when off-duty cool was the overarching fashion message. Many a savvy woman paired hers with expensive designer jeans, instantly elevating the bargain piece.


The Jumbo Tote Bag, 2012

Olivia Palermo really put this piece on the map, toting the tan version all around NYC before anyone could work out where the handbag was from. It was such a runaway smash that new versions were whizzed back into stores for a long time after. Almost every fashion industry girl we know bought one, and at under $100, we couldn't blame them.

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This post originally appeared on Who What Wear UK. 

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