How to Wear High-Waisted Shorts When You're Not 22 Anymore

Let's admit it: Shorts are tricky. Sure, they're great for a lazy weekend, but besides a simple cutoff-and-tee combination, we don't tend to get too adventurous with the summer staple. Well, all that is about to change. Armed with the right inspiration, it's easy to throw together an outfit for just about any occasion, no matter what your age. Structured shorts and a fancy top might fly in the right office setting, and date night could feel especially fresh with a silky style—a little inventiveness can go a long way.

Below, we're highlighting seven cool ways to wear shorts this summer, no sweat. By mixing them with unexpected pieces like formal shoes, statement tops, or even a polished jacket, you'll never think of them the same way again. Curious to see which looks we're loving now? Read up on our seven go-tos below, and then shop shorts that'll work for whatever's coming up on your calendar.