The 2016 Way to Wear Birkenstocks

Whether you love them or hate them, there’s no denying that “ugly” sandals have found a legion of loyal fans among fashion industry vets, none more so than the almighty Birkenstocks. The comfy slip-ons have become nearly as de rigueur as sneakers, adding an extra bit of ease to any everyday outfit. But while the sandals have been a mainstay for a few seasons now, the way we wear them has evolved, which is why we’re breaking down the 2016 way to style them.

We’re highlighting the one outfit that embodies the year in fashion, a look which toes the line between casual and sophisticated. Vintage-inspired jeans and Birkenstocks lend a relaxed attitude to the ensemble while a textured top and blazer bring balance and a hint of intrigue. Head to toe, we’d describe this outfit as just near perfect. Check it out and then shop the look at every price point below—no matter what your budget may be, you can give the look a try.

Read on for a look at the 2016 way to wear your Birkenstocks!